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Money spent on Cloth diapers

May 26, 2007

Bought an orange and purple blanket in fleece that I’m going to cut up for diapers mwhahahaha. Never mind that it has witches on it.. That just makes it cooler diapers!

Speaking of.
Cloth Diapers.
OMG some of the ladies on my list, they’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on DIAPERS.
Which Ok, yeah, I have to admit, some of em are freaking adorable. But to spend 12 to upwards of 30 dollars apiece on something your kid is supposed to pee on?? I’m flabbergasted.

+flannel receiving blankets. LOTS from airman’s attic, from friends. I got rid of the ugly ones that’s how many I had, now I’ve just got cute stripes, bugs, pink kitties, stuff like that.
+elastic – I dunno WHERE I got it, but I’ve got a crap-ton of 1/4 inch elastic, which is what you need to make the legs and back scrunch up and keep in the crud.
+old pre-fold diapers. Left over from Morgan 13 years ago! Some of those suckers are old, holey, stained etc, my mom bought them all and really encouraged me to cloth diaper at that time. So all those old diapers are getting cut to be insides of diapers. Where their yuckyness won’t be seen, but will be eminently useful. Not to mention the stuff that Isn’t all nasty and holey, some of which was mine, and some of which Holly gave to me.
1yd fold-over elastic (buy 3 get one free from the store)
Fitted Diapers from Holly 2 really cooly looking ones, and 8 normal flannel fitteds like what I’m sewing (but they are made by a company)

Bought (including shipping where applicable)
6.99 – Microfiber Towel from Walmart
5.00 – 8 yards dyeable fold-over elastic
10.00 – 16 yards black fold-over elastic
28.39 – 6 XL diaper sized cut-outs of PUL
21.91 – 8 nb sz nylon pull-on diaper covers
9.00 – 3 sm WAHM navy blue PUL covers
5.00 – 1 pocket bluberry diaper (I wanted to see how they put it together so I could make my own, A LOT of people have complained about the shoddy manufacting, which the owner swears is because she outsourced to China and has quit that)
10.00 – 3 yards each of black and white Aplix (basically a softer, more washable version of velcro)
1.00 – 2 yards purple fleece on sale at Walmart
2.00 – Fleece Blanket from Goodwill
25.00 – various covers and diapers
1.00 – Kool-aide in various colors to dye some diapers
.88 – Gallon white vinegar to colorfast dying the diapers

Total so far
126.17 for diapers that will last me 2+ years. And then I can resell.
I *know* I’m going to buy more PUL, and more aplix, plus some cheap nylon covers in various sizes. But otherwise, I’m pretty much set….

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