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Manly Crafts

September 9, 2007

So Wulf and I went grocery shopping yesterday. Normally I wander around with Kaia in the teal-fairy ‘moby’ wrap I made (I’ve decided to sell the pink one, I’m not much of a pink person, skulls or not).
However, yesterday, I was two days out of surgery from having my tubes cut and burned so Wulf was carrying her (he loves to do that, he struts and does his proud papa look LOL) He started getting kind of tired though and she was really wiggling wanting to look at everything. So he asked if the wrap would fit him. (It won’t he’s too tall.) I told him it’d be really easy to head over to the fabric section and see if they had some stretchy-ish fabric that would work for him.
We walk up and ‘lo and behold! they had OD green slightly stretchy twill in the dollar a yard rack! Oh man, the joy on his face when he realized I could make him a manly wrap LOL. Then as we head towards the cutting table we see. *gasp* USMC marpat (Marines digital camo for those not in the know) with the EGA (Eagle Globe and Anchor mark) on it. Meaning it’s FOR REAL Marpat, not a cheap knock off and it’s 3.94 a yard! Pleadingly he looks at me, I grin and him and say?want a kilt?”
Oh the joyous beaming. I’m giggling just thinking about it.

So today I cut the OD green fabric

I realized after I cut it out (duh) that I’d need to wrap it around Wulf while he’s wearing Kaia to make sure it fits properly. I know 4 yards at 20 in wide works for ME, but I’m a chubby girl who is 5’2″ and he’s a wiry guy at 6ft. So I put that aside and started working on his kilt, using another kilt of his to make sure I got the pleats all the way from hipbone to hipbone like proper.
He’s going to get home around 7:30 tonight after getting off work, driving immediately to Tallahassee to pick up my boys from the ex and drive back here. That’s a lot to ask of him, but he does it cuz he loves us. So tonight he gets a kilt for a thank you LOL.

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