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October 20, 2007

Ok, I’ve been SO bad about posting stuff in here lately. I *like* having this journal, because despite my perfectionist streak. I can go back through here and say to myself *see!* you ARE to making a dent in your to-do projects list!

Projects lately.
I’m sewing Kaia a dress. It’s got red/black plaid on the bottom half and a black bodice top. Putting ribbon around the ‘waist’ of the dress that says something like ‘ghosts, goblins, witches’ it’s black ribbon with red writting. I was GOING to embroider something cool on it. But I can’t find my freakin HUGE bag of embroidery thread with about every darn color ever made (that I got for free at Airman’s Attic bless them). *sigh* ok.
Going to make little pants that go with it too. And probably ‘Franny Panties’ is what we call them. You know, bloomers with ruffles on the butt. Probably punk out the pants with a pleather ‘ribbon’ I have that has ready made silver grommets in it.
I’ll get pictures of that later.

Kaia’s blown through most of her pocket diapers. She’s almost too big for them now. If they had snaps, they’d still fit her (as the medium fuzzy bunz I used to model them after STILL does fit) so I’ve been fixing up her prefolds that I sewed into contours, and adding elastic to the legs. Wulf loves them, because unlike the prefolds, he doesn’t have to mess with folding them. So of course, just for him, I added plaid to the outside of them. Washed them, and whoops, discovered I probably should have sewn down the prefolds, as they bunched in places. I also added more soaker to the middles of the prefold/contours. I was told that baby’s usuallly quit wetting so much after they aren’t newborns anymore (Morgan was toooooo long ago, I forget cloth diapering then) but Kaia’s JUST as bad, and soaks even more than she did. She’s also got a really low rise, and a really TOAD type figure. RE: tiny waist, huge belly, fat thighs, skinny calves. hehehe. So she needs loooong tabs on her diapers. Fixed all that with the plaid over the prefold/contours. I’ll take pictures of those tomorrow. I’m lazy today cuz my arm is hurting.

So Wulfs ‘moby’ wrap and his kilt I sewed. Plus a few other pics of recent projects (like in the last month or so)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

this is the day before his hernia surgery, so he’s pretty grumpy here
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

why yes I’m tired… Kaia’s being a screamer and we’d been dancing to Matisyahu when she finally crashed out in my wrap
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ok, munchkin is making I’m waking up noises….

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