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Making Prefold Cloth Diapers (repurposing)

November 23, 2007

So my 4 month old is outgrowing her Gerber prefolds, she’s a chunker, we are POOOOOOR right now, but I have a huge stash of fabric, a ton of stuff that people were ‘storing’ at my house as we were going to have a huge garage sale, only no-one showed up to help. So I have all the leftovers from this. And I have a serger and a sewing machine… Hmmmmm
Yes, new prefolds. I’m also sewing contour diapers, but aren’t done with those yet…

I have about 7 yards of loosely woven plaid that I’ve had for about 3 years, a blue with tiny green stripes Gap polo shirt. I have flannel that was a dollar a yard, then I sewed it into a bear costume for my 9yo,  she’ll never wear it again, so it’s been cut up to make the padding.

The plaid is the outer, so it’ll catch the snappi (a pin alternative for those who don’t cloth diaper) the flannel wrapped in the bottom part of the shirt and serged is the middle (absorbent part) and the soft jersey is the inside. Kaia was quite happy in her new comfy diaper!

Next on the list? Pants made out of purple ‘tie dyed’ stretch knit for that same 9yo and a black shirt for me!

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