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Market Bag Design and Sewing Room Reorganization

January 27, 2008

Here’s pictures of the bag I designed. I took elements from a couple of different places, then added tie handles. I don’t know about you, but I *hate* it when handles cut into my palm and having a bumpy tie to hold onto will probably help with that a lot. Plus it looks cute!
This is all from scrap fabric, and it’s not to scale or anything. If anything, it’s probably about 4″ short width wise and about 6″ short depth wise. But it was pretty fast and easy to sew. I’ll have to make up a paper pattern with a paper bag or something, so I can cut out a lot at once.

I also got my sewing room WAY more organized. I still don’t have things all separated, but at least now, even if the elastic, trims, wood dresser knobs etc are all intermingled, at least they are in various see-through boxes, and up on shelves. I’ve got ideas for sewing hanging bags to go on the wall, and I want to go find my drill today (I have 2, a cordless that needs to be charged and a corded. Both hiding in the garage somewhere, and who knows where the bits are)

So the floor is vacuumed, things are more easily found. I also put the desk up on bed risers LOL, now I don’t have to hunch over to reach it, or bang my knee on the drawer. It’s heavy steel, so I didn’t want to get a new one, since this one doesn’t shake now matter HOW fast I sew. Even if it *is* midget sized!

I’m not happy AT ALL, with my cutting area. It’s too low to the ground, I have to hunch over to reach it. It’s on sawhorses as you can see from the picture, with plywood as it’s base. (I covered it with an old curtain) I’ve got the wood outside to make myself a GOOD cutting/layout table. One with the right height for me to not have to hunch over. I’m thinking rib high on me. and Long enough and wide enough to do more than just a *little* better good than the iron board as a cutting table.

Morgan, my 13 yo, wants to change rooms again. She wanted to be in my roomates old room, which is right off the living room and is really more of an office. However, it makes more sense to have Morgan in an actual bedroom with a closet rather than an ‘office’ type room. So that’s going to need to be switched over here soon before I get to involved in making the room all mine. I’m going to miss the closet though!

Planning on making more things today. We’ll see what is on my list that calls out to me!

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