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Knotty Handles Market Bag

January 31, 2008

market bag

I finally got a real size market bag made (life has been conspiring against me I tell ya!)

I found a couple of old flat sheets that you wouldn’t catch me dead sleeping on, in fact, I’ll admit that I’m going to be embarrassed to be seen with these at the grocery store LOL. Yes, I need to head over to goodwill and fix this problem by buying more acceptable to my weirdo esthetics flat sheets.

I feel like it’s important that I don’t buy new material at the store for these projects. I’ve made a promise to myself that I won’t buy an more new fabric unless I need it for a project I’m doing RIGHT NOW. No more, oooooh loooook SHINY!! So I *do* like the fact that these bags are using re-purposed fabric. All the scraps are going in my bag ‘o’ scraps to be played with later and sewn together for more bags..

I’ve got the pattern drawn out. I wish I knew how to put it on the ‘net. I’d hand it out free-like.

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