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Sourdough Gluten-Free Bread experiments

March 14, 2008

 First, I’ve got to talk about sourdough starter. It’s NOT difficult to start. For *me* it’s hard to remember to feed it everyday after I’ve got it going, and/or remember to stir it. But that’s me and my memory problems. One of the reasons I like sourdough so much is that if you are doing it properly, it’s WILD yeast. NOT yeast from a package. Since I’m allergic to the packaged and brewers stuff, utilizing wild yeast is pretty important to me!

THIS is the best article that I’ve seen on making/using sourdough, it covers all the fine points and though his process was more complicated than mine  the first time I tried sourdough. I’ve used sourdough before, so I’d recommend following HIS process!

So! This morning I’ve started my experiments with gluten-free bread.

For Sourdough starter I’ve got:
3/4ths cup brown rice flour
1/4th cup flax seed meal
1 cup organic whole milk kefir
I’m going to let this sit for a maximum of 3 days, or until it smells all yeasty and bubbly.

When the starter is ready to go, I usually add 2 cups of warm water, a TB of honey, and then 4 more cups of flour, the only flour I have on hand at the moment until my order comes in from Barry Farm, are soy, brown rice and flax seed meal, which is what they had at my local health food store, Another Way. So unless my order shows up in the next few days we’ll be trying a mix of those 3 flours.

My boys are missing bread something fierce, I found a mix for waffles and pancakes at my local Big Lots, for only a 1.70. I need to go back today and buy the rest of them LOL, since they WERE such a hit. Really, the kids said they tasted better than Waffle House waffles hehehe. Not as good as my regular ones (I didn’t add any sugar, vanilla or spices like I normally do, wanting to see what they tasted like) but still good. I also used the mix to make a short cake as I’d bought 3 boxes of strawberries on sale. The shortcake wasn’t as good the next day cold, but it was still decent. The mix is white rice flour with soy flour.

Anyways, the plan today is to get to the grocery store (we are going to try Winn-Dixie, since I hear they have a GF section), sew some more mama pads, finish putting together my new cultivator . Then put my new brown quilt on my bed. Oh and get the cloth diapers off the line. Hopefully this small amount of things to do isn’t overwhelming. I don’t do well grocery shopping, to much smell/noise/people/lights/chemicals and I usually come home exhausted. Wal-marts the worst. So I’m going to try and avoid them like the plague unless I absolutely HAVE to shop there.

So I’m out..

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  1. December 2, 2010 4:57 pm

    Great to see that there are people that still enjoy a good sourdough 🙂

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