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Clingy Child slowing me down…

March 27, 2008

I’ve not been able to accomplish much these past few days. Kaia’s being extremely clingy. To the point where I’m honestly just sitting on the floor and letting her play around me, or staring at the tv and letting her play around me. If she can’t touch me every few minutes or so, she just looses it. I tried letting her cry for a bit while Daddy took care of her, but the crying for a bit turned into crying for a looooong time, with no end in sight. So we both gave that one up.

My living room curtains are almost finished, I just need to sew the sides onto one, and the rod pockets into both of them.

I’ve got 2 diapers that need new elastic here at the house I need to fix, and 3 more coming in the mail. That brings me up to 9 actual pocket diapers, and 2 Wiggleworm bottoms that I cut a slit into and made into pockets, and 3 more on their way here. So I’m up to 14 pockets here pretty quick. Kaia’s just getting so FAST and super wiggly that trying to get her to lay flat while I snappi a prefold onto her is getting to be a 2 person job!

I got all my new flours in, my last sourdough bread came out tasting wonderfully, but so crumbly and moist in the middle I ended up slicing it all into pieces and toasting them to severe dryness and now have bread chunks for bread pudding and bread crumbs for meatload, fried chicken and various other things I use breadcrumbs for. I think if I’d sliced them just a tad thinner and seasoned them, they would have worked really well as ‘melba toast’

I printed out some recipes for flour mixes, and some recipes for freezable cornbread, sandwich bread etc. I’m going to try to get to those in the next few days.

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