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GF ‘Dressed Up’ ‘Ramen’

March 29, 2008

I’m calling this ramen, because of all the things that the boys miss the most from their gluten eating days, it’s Ramen. I would have thought it was bread, but they seem to like Momma’s sourdough bread just fine as a replacement.

A couple of days ago, we went to the local Asian store. I’m pretty sure the owners are Japanese, and most of the food they have seems to cater to Japanese and Thai cuisine. So we spent about an hour walking around the store leisurely. Kaia in her sling, Ian holding the basket and Owyn nicely holding things up for my perusal when I pointed them out.

We found lots of rice noodles, (we got different kinds), tapioca noodles, and mung bean noodles. We also got pearl tapioca (now to make a crock pot full of the stuff! yum! for breakfast tomorrow) anchovies (with heads on and eyeballs in my weirdo little boys)


Four varieties of seaweed, some gluten free soy sauce, and various pre-packaged flavors for ‘ramen’. Won ton, pickled plum and sea (it smells like the ocean I swear!). Plus some Japanese rice cookies with plum filling (I thought they were bland, but the boys loved them) and some sesame seed cookies that were basically sesame seeds and brown sugar. Also loved.

When we got home, it was lunch time, so I set about making ramen for the boys. First, I put in the water to boil, added a Won Ton Seasoning packet, sniffed, then tasted the water. Not enough flavour, so added a Sea flavoured one. Hmmm, that’s pretty good. Then I put in the rice noodles to soak, added some anchovies, snow peas, green onions, 2 different kinds of seaweed (one short and ‘curly’ and one long and fat with curly bits), cabbage, sesame oil and seeds, and some garlic to taste.

The boys ate it until their bellies were distended LOL.

Dressed Up Ramen

Later that day I cut the rice noodle servings in half, put them in plastic bags with a seasoning packet and some seaweed. Now the boys have individual serving size packets that they can cook themselves. Which is also part of what they missed about ramen, cooking without Momma’s supervision.


Since this particular kind of noodle AND the seaweed, both only need to be SOAKED to re-constitute, only the seasoning packet really needs to dissolve in hot water. So hopefully this is something they can do for school next year when I have to send them back to public school (as per ex-husbands request). This is something I’m stressing about, but I *know* that I tend to overthink things and that they will be fine packing lunches.

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