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Bulleted Entry, for my braining pleasure

April 3, 2008

..My 7 yo Owyn old brought me a daffodil and even put it in water in one of my pretty blue glass window bottles for me.

…My 8 yo Ian took out all the dirty clothes in 2 rooms to the laundry room without me asking!

…my 13 yo Morgan played with Kaia so I could get some chores done and actually seemed to be enjoying herself

…We got to hang out with other homeschoolers at a local park a couple of days ago, ok, well not really, but we went to the park, I think I saw them LOL, but I’m shy enough to not want to walk up to some strange women and ask if they are homescoolers. Next time we go it won’t be Spring Break, so the homeschoolers will be a bit more obvious.

…I found more gluten-free products at a local grocery, expensive, but mmmmm


…I found out that if I take my medical diagnosis, receipts, and a list of what the foods would normally cost, then the difference I have to pay to eat gluten-free, is tax deductible!

…Holly and Jason drove an hour to come till my garden area for me, and it’s beautiful!

…I got to spend quality time with Holly and Kellan (their cutie son), not ENOUGH quality time, but still…

…They brought a TON of extra heirloom seeds that they’ve already started, etc and gave them to me!

…They brought me 5 of Holly’s homemade laundry bars!

…They brought me a brick of yeast!

…The potatoes are above the dirt now!

…Kaia only woke up 3 times last night AND the night before!

…We (all 6 kids and I whew!) are going to the park later today to play with homeschoolers (for real this time) since I know the lady who is sponsoring this one.

…I got a ton of seeds started yesterday while Kaia was sleeping and the sight of all those seeds covered in earth, even now invisibly growing sends little thrilled shivers through me.

…I found a zipper tutorial that really explained the WHY of things. whew!

I’ve got Wulf’s (my BF) 2 girls all day until Friday. Wulf’s got a an hour away and from 8-5 so I’ve got the girls from almost 7 to a little after 6.

I’m also going to try to get in the habit of just going outside as soon as it gets light enough and work my booty off until Kaia needs to come back in. Otherwise when it gets hotter I’m going to be screwed.

Ok, off to my yard chores!

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