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Weekly menu

April 7, 2008

I’m going to try something new. Something I’ve seen on gluten-free blogs all over the place.

I’m going to try to *gasp!* PLAN my menu! I do this for several reasons.

1. My son and I got glutened on Saturday and we both feel utterly yucky right now. He’s better than I am, but he’s also got less years of damage to undo. Funny how it seems like even though we’ve only been gluten free for about a month and a half, eating gluten now makes us even SICKER than we were before we quit!

So anyways, after being glutened, I’m sick, I didn’t have the energy to cook last night and we ended up having a find-it finger food frolick (as my son’s call it) where we find all the finger food we can and eat it up that way. MY boys are so sweet, they hooked me up too. Everything from celery with peanut butter and raisins, to baby carrots, to gf pepperoni slices and pickles LOL. I hate it when I don’t cook, it makes me feel guilty, and who wants to feel guilty?

Also, cooking gluten-free can be MUCH more expensive. Especially when you throw in the extra cost of noodles, cookies, gf soy sauce, etc.

So to conserve energy and money, making a menu ahead of time seems like the smart way to go. Plus I’m taking a neighbor of mine who is on SS grocery shopping since she’s been paid. I need some groceries, as well as a visit to the local Butcher Shop.

So Here Goes, My very First Gluten Free Menu


We are getting down to the wire food wise here, lots of veggies, but not much else besides grains.

Finger Foods lunch (talk about complete nutrition! this includes celery with peanut butter, pepperoni, lima beans, raisins, carrots, snow peas, hot dog slices, cheese chunks, apples and banana’s)

‘Gossipin Beans’ inspired by my Dad T. Leonard Sanders who owns a restaurant in Oroville, CA called Chuck Wagon BBQ Company. I’ve been catering Chuckwagon style (over an open flame in dutch ovens) with him since I was about 12. Look for posts later on the recipe for thatk, since it’s one of my most requested recipes.


Grocery shopping day

Breakfast – Quinoa Flakes

Lunch – our local Mexican restaurant while we are out shopping

Cheesy Chicken Pasta Primavera from Ginger Lemon Girl


Breakfast – Cereal (GF rice chex)

Start in the morning – Crock Pot Bread Pudding – by Crockpot Lady

Sandwich bread from Betty Hagman’s Bread Book

Brianna’s Cabbage, Carrot, Ham and Potato soup (I’ll probably add broccoli to this, since we have a LOT, and Brianna is a friend from down the street)


Breakfast – Quinoa Flakes

Start in the morning – pearl tapioca in the crock pot (it’s my own recipe)

Lunch – Sandwiches

Dinner – Dressed up Ramen (see previous post)

I’ll add to this later when my brain is working better, right now, too sickly.. ugh..

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