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GF food and puppies!

April 22, 2008

The five puppies that I have acquired!

Sarah, being held by Ian

Ozzy being held by Owyn

Grumpy being held by Matthew

Tiny being held by Owyn

Peetey being held by me

Homemade gluten free chicken nuggets (they were a big hit)

These are boneless skinless chicken breasts, defrosted, cut into ‘nugget’ size pieces. Some of them had to be cut in half as well as in 2″x1″ pieces. I rolled them around in beaten eggs with Spike (spice mix) and garlic, then in bread crumbs (from a gluten free bread I’d made that wasn’t so successful as bread, but made wonderful bread crumbs and melba toast). I added a light coating of coconut oil (probably any veggie oil would work) to the bottom of a glass pan, then put then in the oven for 15 min at 350. Flipped them after the 15, and let em cook for another 5.

The filling for the ‘spring rolls’ that I’m going to fry so they are going to be more like springy egg rolls really. Cooking the pork to go into the rolls now… The filling is marinating

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