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Busy Cooking Day

May 4, 2008

Today I’m busy cooking, well, in between bottle feeding the two smallest puppies (we are talking probably 75% smaller than the 2 biggest, Ozzy and Sarah) and playing with Ms. Kaia KrankyPants (it’s separation anxiety, I can sit in the computer chair, the chair in front of the tv, or the couch, and she can wander, but let me TRY to put her in her high chair or her playpen and watch the howling begin. Can’t think with the howling, so she gets her way…)

Anyways, I made bread, have sliced the bread. Making Alfredo sauce, going to can it in a few. Made maple sausages for the leftover children from the mass sleepover last night. 12 children in my house from 17 to 9 months. Yeah, I have a headache, why do you ask?

Oh and I was out of COFFEE this morning. The horror. My internet also didn’t work until just now. Weirdo Mediacom…

Made tapioca pudding, going to make masses more.

Need to go grocery shopping here in a few, but my head hurts *sigh* Maybe I’ll just go to the one of the local discount stores and see if they have canning jars… I don’t have that many left and they aren’t in the size I want…

I still need to figure out dinner! Wow!

I guess I’ll go ask the boys what they want for dinner!

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