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Designing a Room for Little Boys

July 17, 2008

So while my boys are at their dads the rest of this month (I’m trying very very hard not to think about how much I miss them, this is the longest we’ve ever been separated from each other, so I’m keeping busy with projects and not talking much)

I’m re-doing their room. Their almost 1 year old sister (on the 22nd of this month) now has her own room, which she adores. But happens to be THEIR old room. They are getting what is currently the sewing room, and the sewing room is moving into MY room (I’ll never get a break from it now! But I might get more done LOL)

So anyways. The plan! is to take all the stuff out of the sewing room this week. Take most of it and put it in my room. This is going to require some moving around of my closets (I have three, 1 is 1x3x1 and the others are 3x5deep, ridiculous) and who knows what other kind of mental gymnastics I’ll be going through.

Anyways, then, once the sewing room is completely emptied, the walls are to painted a dark shiny deep space blue, on orders of Ian and Owyn. I’ll intersperse this with a bit of dark purple and some lighter blue. Then decorate the whole shebang with paint that glows in the dark. I’m hoping for something that actually resembles space. They’ve picked out material that has our galaxy on it. It glows in the dark. For details they’ve got material that has the various constellations on it. Also glow in the dark. Their bunk beds and dresser/bookcase combo are outside awaiting grey paint (and mom details like ‘grills’ and ‘bolts’) to make them appear like they belong in a space station. We have a Solar system that hangs from the ceiling with the sun lighting up and the planets revolving around the sun (including pluto LOL) that comes with a remote control and a dvd to talk to them while they run it. I found a dark purple t-shirt material queen size flat sheet at Airmans Attic that is going to be cut down to make twin size sheets for them, (the sides being in space fabric) and then when they get home they get to add all the glow in the dark stars to their walls (and put their posters back up)

Ian also remembers from when he was a baby (ok well 2-ish) and we lived at Eglin AFB and I had painted a glow in the dark moon-man on his wall. It was invisible by day. But at night. The Moon Man glowed and under him it said “I see the moon and the moon sees me” and Ian wants that on their wall again. Soooo sweet.

Yeah, I miss my boys.

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