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THE best chocolate chip cookies! (Ginger Lemon Girl thank you!)

August 22, 2008

A while back, Ginger Lemon Girl posted a blog about her to-die-for chocolate chip cookies.

All of ours had been tasting wonderful, but ending up flat and chewy. Kind of toffee like. Like I said, YUM, but not so beautiful, and not what we were used to in cookies.

Something to understand, my mom is an indifferent cook. She cooked simply because we needed to eat, but didn’t feel any affinity with the ingredients, the kitchen or the act of making food for her family. My dad is an inspired cook, he owns his own restaurant now, but when I was younger he did Chuckwagon Catering (literally, pioneer style, on an open flame in the middle of nowhere for cattle drives, Yeah, I’d make a good pioneer wife LOL). However, he’s one of those cooks that only cooks when he *feels* like it. So when he cooked it was wonderful. But when he didn’t we got stuff like gizzards and gravy on toast and ‘goulash’. So I started cooking when I was around 7, and then time spent with my grandmother (mom’s mom) only encouraged my cooking gene and baking gene. So I am USED to cooking, and doing it well. I’m used to praise with mouths full, and wide open eyes, full of surprise and admiration. I *know* that I cook well, and I *know* that my baking skills are very good. So switching to gluten-free cooking was easy. Switching to gluten-free baking? Not so much. Even following recipes didn’t do me much good. I got depressed and my spirits plummeted everytime I had to try and bake bread. Thinking about the loaves failing, the muffins that only the dog would eat makes me sad even now. It was like throwing money out of the window, just because the ingredients are SO expensive and we ARE poor. I dreaded baking. But my kids are used to muffins, cookies, breads etc for snack at least 3-5 times a week, so I slogged on.

It was worth it. I knew it would be. But in the midst of feeding Sammi (our dog) the leftovers it hurt, a lot.

Now I instictively know the right texture for the mix. I know how much liquid to add to cookies, breads, muffins. I know instictively the right amout of starch/crumbly flour/fine flour to add to a flour mix. I know when to add stuff like gelatin and how much xanthum gum each thing needs. It took a few months, but I got it.

So anyways, onto the cookies.

You can find the recipe here:

For the flour mix, instead of what she called for I used my mix here.

I’ve got my ex-boyfriend and his two daughters over today.(no school or work today for them thanks to the Hurricane) So 2 adults, with my fiance coming over later, and 6 children. The cookies are gone LOL. But there was much nomming and chocolate smeared faces. Much little girls (who don’t eat gluten-free) going ‘these are gluten-free? wow!’ and asking for 2nds and 3rds and disapointment on all faces when the cookie sheet was empty. Only to see 5 little faces light up when I told them I had more in the refridgerator for snack! LOL!

So fueled on cookies, I went out and cleaned the garage some (it’s raining like crazy here thanks to Hurricane Fay) and enjoyed the winds and mist on my face.

Happy Friday to everyone, I hope your’s has been as enjoyable as mine!

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