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Water Water Everywhere…

August 26, 2008

With the aftermath of Fay doing it’s level best to create a permanant puddle in our front yard, school has been mostly about various Fall type things the last few days.

Reiterating that when the leaves fall, and plants die down, and some die permantly, it’s just the way that the world is made. They aren’t dying because we weren’t good stewards for our land (that’s my 7 yo). His grief is fervent and very very cute. I often have to bite back smiles as his personal drama of wailing unfolds for leaves laying on the ground waiting to become dirt. I comfort him, we talk about how everything turns back to dirt to help other things grow. And then we help our land turn it’s dead back into dirt. Raking yard mulch and leaves, turning over the compost pile, mulching the garden, taking big sticks to the side of the road for the county to mulch. We also harvest our dead, but they are dead that are waiting to come back to life in spring. Our seeds! Owyn loves the seeds, I think he cherishes them like he did Kaia when she was in my belly. He sees them as the potential that they can be, rather than the seeds they are today. (like I said, very cute)

We’ve also been learning about map reading, watching Fay’s progress. The boys are pro’s at telling which area’s are getting the most rain and they were jubilant at noticing that it was raining VERY heavily (red on the map) where Gary works. They’ve learned about figuring out which way the wind is blowing, what 20 mph winds really mean, what 6-10 inches of rain really looks like (it looks like permanant puddles to tempt bare feet is what it looks like in our yard!)

Ian’s discovered a love for using Morgan’s old math game, it’s this pull ’em, slap it math game tube thing.  I think my mom got it for Morgan when she was in 3rd grade and it works for grades 1 to 8. Ian and Owyn both like it, but Ian’s hooked. He’ll play for a while (doing beginning times tables) then put it down, go build with some lego’s and k’nex, then come back and do some math. Then he’ll put it aside and read some on his Space encyclopedia, then pick it back up. He’s been doing this for two days. Mom’s are so tricky LOL. I gave it to Kaia to play with first to pique their interest, rather than handing it to them LOL.

Anyways, we were out of cereal this morning (rice chex – GF) and we are out of eggs and milk as well. I don’t get paid until Friday and I pretty much have no money to my name. So we make do with what we have, which luckily, is just fine. I used egg replacer and powdered milk(blech) with some vanilla flavoring/cinnamon/rum flavoring/nutmeg/sugar and added in some baking soda, ground flax seed, quinoa flour, sorghum flour and cornstarch and tried to make pancakes. Boy did they stick. And when they are sticking to a well seasoned cast iron pan, well, they are GOING to stick. So i turned them into ‘funnel cakes’ and added about a one inch layer of oil to the pan and fried them. I covered them in cinnamon and sugar as they came out and we’ve got breakfast LOL. I’m consoling myself with the fact that they do actually have nutrition in them, and not over 1/4 a cup of sugar in the whole mess. The boys are on the skinny side, so fat won’t hurt them (I’m not eating them, I can feel zits appearing just looking at them! and in fact went and washed my face with witch hazel after cooking) I pureed some canned peaches and we used those for topping.

We’ll be putting up our boxes and boxes of Halloween decorations soon, and working on costumes. Owyn has decided to be Gir (Zim’s robot dog who disguises himself as a real dog in a ‘real dog’ costume. Owyn says he wants Kaia to be robot Gir. So I’m looking at Hoodies with ears and tongues and a few silly stiches. Easy stuff compared to the Tinkerbelles and Ianzilla’s of the past… However it could get complicated, Ian doesn’t know what he wants to be for Halloween. I’m thinking I’m going to be the Cat in the Hat. I might make Kaia Thing One, or maybe The Lorax. (or Yertle the Turtle heheh). She’d be SO cute as a fairy though, she’s got that look.

So later today, it’s more puddle stomping for the boys (and Kaia) while mom sits on the driveway and approves the splashing and rescues Kaia from the occasional ‘I believe it’s edible mom’ stick. More moving of stuff around the house and garage TRYING to organize things. And probably Ian’s ‘Dressed Up Ramen’ for lunch…

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  1. August 26, 2008 6:33 pm

    Dressed up Ramen??? I took a look and I have to say – I DON’T think I could eat that! LOL That was a LOT of anchovies! 😉

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