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After a Long Hiatus

December 5, 2008

I hope I’m back.  First, my personal life became very complicated (it’s been simplified since thank goodness) Then I needed to simplify even more and turned off the phone, internet and cable for almost 2 months of blessed peace. Seriously I *loathe* the phone. It’s always ringing and it’s almost never for me. Stupid phone interrupting my creative efforts, or cleaning efforts, or reading time, or waking the baby. I missed the internet, I’ll be honest. But I got SO much reading done.

Also, my sewing machine has broken *gasp!*. A good friend of mine let me borrow his. Probably for the foreseeable future as he’s going through a divorce and isn’t feeling to creative lately. However, his sewing machine isn’t that much better than mine was broken. THEN my serger did some funny stuff and I’m trying to figure out how to move the bottom needle on my own so the top needles will quit breaking off and I can’t find my Serger book amongst my sewing stuff anywhere *sigh*.

So there I was, with no internet, no phone, no tv, no sewing machine, and no serger. Yeah, it was a hellish week.

I’ve got 5 sewing machines of various ages and temperments with a friend who is learning to repair machines, 2 of which are supposed to come back, and 3 of which she can keep. However, in helping a good friend of mine move the other day, I spotted a machine similar to mine, an older Kenmore in it’s own table. However, MINE was a gift from my across the street elderly neighbor, needed lots of work PLUS a foot pedal. This one, had JUST been worked and ran beautifully (plus it had a foot pedal). My friend says oh? Do you want it? I was just going to Freecycle it!


So yay! I now have a working sewing machine. All those pj’s I’ve gotten cut out for presents for everyone can now get worked on. The rocket ship duvet covers I promised my boys can now be worked on. And the massive quantity of market bags I’ve gotten cut out can now be worked on and put in my etsy shop!

Now if I could only get the girl who advertised locally online that she had a snap press and would happily use it for a low fee on your items to reply I could make a bazillion diapers for my fat bottoms, small thigh and waist baby who is outgrowing the rise on all her Meds but otherwise they fit great. I *need* to make her some diapers that fit better.

Oh and expect it to be a while before I post pictures, part of the ‘complicated’ part of my life took off with my digital camera *sigh*

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  1. December 5, 2008 8:48 am

    Hi Meredith, Thanks for visiting my blog. No net and a sewing machine for a week would have been hellish I agree! Ekkk! I wouldn’t have coped well. Yes, I’ll do a swirly rainbow block tutorial, after Christmas in the New Year, pop back and see then? Cheers, Helen

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