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Pantry Stocked List

December 5, 2008

Since I’ve got a honey that works long hours, about 45 min away, and who is hypoglycemic, drives a fork-lift and needs to eat while driving (and is fine with gluten and weird psuedo-meats) consider that while reading LOL.

I’ve also got 4 daughters who are fine with gluten. So my list considers both gluten-free and gluten foods. If this helps you figure out how to organize your list (or you’ve got a better, more efficient way) please, do let me know. I’ll probably eventually put this list up on Google Documents and write the prices of everything next to them so it’ll be a LOT easier to comparison shop for foods and other needs in the house.

Dollar General

o Crackers

o Hot Chocolate

o Canned Meats (ham, tuna, sardines)

o Ranch Beans



o Dog food

o Cans of Soda


o Tp

o Dish-soap

o Shampoo/Conditioner

o Diapers (1 pack)

o Blueberry Bars

o Peanut packs

o Mackerel

o Cat Food

o Pads

Asian Food Store

o Sesame oil

o Tapioca pearls

o Thai sweet chili sauce

o Soba noodles

o hoisin sauce

o rice wine

o sesame seeds

o Mochiko

o Cassava Flour

o White Rice Flour

o Soy sauce

o Seaweed

o Dried fish

o Noodles

o Pickled Plum Boullion

o Won Ton Boullion

o Rice Cakes

Order online

o Brown Rice Flour

o Millet flour

o Arrowroot flour

o Yeast

o Egg replacer

o Pasta – spaghetti, spiral,

o Arrowroot and Ginger cookies

o Rice Crackers

Pamela’s Bread Mix

Health Food Store

o Amaranth

o Quinoa

o Lasagna

o Flax Seed

o Basil

o Lavender

o Spike

o Cumin

o Xanthum Gum

o Bay Leaves


o Garfava flour

o Broth, dried beef, vegetable, chicken

o Halva

o Rice: long-grain, wild, basmati, arborio, short

o Quinoa Flakes

o Milk: boxed, evaporated

o Brownie Mix

o bok choy

o Xanthum Gum

o washing soda

o borax


o Maple Grove Waffle mix

o Sliced luncheon meat

o Milk

o Butter, margarine

o Cheese: mozzarella, Colby/Jack

o Fruits and Veggies

o Nuts and Seeds


Bread Aisle

o Fruit preserves, jam, jelly

o Peanut butter

o Tea

o Honey

o Pickles, sweet, dill, relish

o Olives

Mexican and Condiments

o Chiles

o Refried beans

o Green sauce

o Red sauce

o Tortillas – corn, flour, flat shell

o Ground cumin

o Miracle Whip

o Bleu Cheese

o Honey Dijon

o Italian

o Spicy Mustard

o Ketchup

o Salsa, green and red

o Worcestershire sauce

o White, Balsamic, Red wine, and Apple Cider Vinegar

o Parmesan

o Cooking Wines


o Beans – all

Canned Food – Dried Food

o Tomatoes: canned whole, crushed, chopped, puree, sauce

o Chicken

o Mushrooms

o Vegetables

Juice Aisle

o Dried fruits: raisins, cranberries

o Lemon juice

o Cans and Bottles of Juice

o Applesauce

o Canned fruits

Baking Aisle

o Baking powder

o Baking soda

o Cornstarch

o Sugar: granulated, dark brown, powdered

o Baking Chips – white, choco, other

o Corn meal white and yellow

o P.A.N.

o Masa

o Gelatin

o Pudding

o Molasses: dark

o Oils: olive, canola, coconut

o Shortening – regular and butter

o Baking cocoa

o Mini marshmallows

Cereal Aisle

o Cereal – Chex, Winnie the Pooh, Little Einstein’s, Mickey Mouse, fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbles

o Maple syrup


o Popcorn(Oroville Redenbaucher)

o Lay’s Staxx

o Dorito’s Ranch

Dairy Aisle

o Eggs

o Sour Cream

o Yogurt, kids, adults

o Cottage Cheese

o Cream cheese


o Extracts: vanilla, lemon, rum, anise

o Cardamom, ground

o Cinnamon, ground

o Cloves, ground and whole

o Cream of tartar

o Cumin, ground

o Garlic powder and salt

o Mustard, dried ground

o Nutmeg

o Oregano, dried

o Pepper,

o Sage

o Salt

o Thyme, ground and dried

o Mrs. Dash

Frozen Food Aisle

o Peas

o Corn

o Lima beans

o Green beans

o Spinach

NON-food items

o Chonies

o Ziplock – gallon and sandwich

o Razors

o Soap, kids, adult

o q-tips

o witch hazel

o peroxide

o alka-seltzer

o band-aids

o benedryl

o cough meds

o ibuprofen

o oxyclean

o toothpaste

o toothbrush

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