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Try This Tuesday! #1

December 16, 2008

Try This Tuesday

Each Tuesday, post a challenge and how you have dealt with it on your blog. Don’t be afraid to share something that seems insignificant; if it works for you, you have no idea how many other families it might help as well.

With 6 children, one a 14 yo daughter, with all the hormones that implies, a 10 yo daughter with even worse hormones and ADD, a 9 yo son with Celiac disease and what appears to be ODD and Bipolar if he’s been glutened, a 7 yo son with Celiacs and pretty severe brain fog if he’s been glutened, a 7 yo daughter with some serious behaviour issues partially due to her birth mother and partially due to her ADHD, and a 17 month old daughter, PLUS a honey who isn’t so great at putting ANYTHING away, 2 cats who are still in playful mode and a HUGE dog with a ‘whippy 5lb tail of doom’ as my children call it and her constant shedding….
Well, my house is often a total wreck. Add into that that we are all of us packrats… Yeah, my house just escapes me some days.
I’ve got two things I do.
#1. Post something on Freecycle once a week. This enables me to donate things we don’t need (and by that I mean things that the children have outgrown, are not fashionable anymore, or that we haven’t used within the last year)

#2. The Wheel of Chores. I have a spinner, like what you will find in a lot of games. I purchased a pack of two at The Dollar Store, but you can find them online and in many homeschooling stores. With it, I have drawn a large pie graph on a peice of poster board, and in each ‘pie’ I’ve written down a chore. You Spin the Wheel, you Do the Deal, is what we say.  So if one 7 yo for instance pulls washing dishes, then the other 7 yo automatically does it as well. Also on the wheel, taking the laundry to the hampers and separating it by color, picking up the living room, vaccuuming, sweeping the kitchen, taking out the compost and cleaning up the front porch, etc. Stuff around here that pretty much needs to be done everyday. We also have a Weekend Wheel of Chores. On it are things that only need to be done once a week. Things like the cat litter box, dusting, cleaning the kids toilet, and the kids shower/sink, that sort of stuff. These guys are also worth money. I assign money according to the difficulty or disgusting-ness of the task. So Cat Litter automatically has the most cash awarded.

In this way, certain kids don’t always have the same exact chore. They all learn some new skill they will need to know when they are adults, they learn about cooperation, dealing with disapointment (no one wants to do the cat litter box or dishes). They learn that work = money in some circumstances, but all of us live here and all of us need to pitch in to keep the house clean (and momma sane)

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  1. December 16, 2008 9:58 pm

    Love these ideas! I might need to make a wheel of chores for my son to try out. Thanks for participating in TTT! (Trish from 5MFSN)

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