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Sculpey Clay on New Years Day

January 2, 2009

Over on they have a group called 52_crafts.
Last year Sew, Mama, Sew had a quilting month, during which time I learned a WHOLE lot, created a whole lot, and my boys and I had a lot of fun making patchwork blocks. They have a flickr pool for the patchwork blocks and quilts created during that month, and it was all very very helpful in encouraging me to work on things I saw in my head. But what I really need is to be surrounded by other people like me. People who have the drive and talent, but just get sidetracked occasionally.
So doing a craft a week is perfect! I can do that! Sometimes It’ll probably be 3-5 things a day and other times it’ll be a bare bones, can’t believe I almost missed a deadline barely one! LOL.
However, this week is off to a good start.
I have a few things that make me grateful for the awesomeness that is sitting on a plate waiting to be fired right now.
First, my 14 yo Morgan wanted a poupu fruit best friend necklace, like what she saw for sale somewhere, however, she wants one that’s for 3 best friends. So she needed to make her own. I bought her sculpey and she just hasn’t gotten around to it.
Second, Pyramid Collection has some really cute stuff. But I *hate* it that I look at a lot of their stuff and say FIFTY DOLLARS! I could make that!! But of course, I never DO make em. But this one in particular has been sitting in my head for a while and I’ve always intended to make it, for oh, the past 3 years….

So at 4am on Dec 31,  my honey hopped the bus to Witchita, Kansas to help his mother pack up her house and move.
I’m bored, and I’m lonely, and I’ve read all the books that are here (honey took the books that I got for him for Christmas to entertain him on the 1.5 day Bus ride there) So I go start looking for stuff to watch on the internet and decide to catch up on some tv shows I haven’t seen since we don’t have cable anymore (financial decision).
CSI, yup, I saw the one where Warrick died, but nothing since. So about 15 minutes in, my hands start twitching for something to do… My family didn’t get a tv until I was 14, so I just never learned the trick of sitting still and just staring at something. I have to be DOING something.
Ok, well thinking about it, I gave away all my yarn since I haven’t finished a thing in about 3 years, I can’t embroider right now, I wouldn’t be able to actually watch the show since all the embroidery is pretty detail oriented right now.  I don’t feel like patching my blanket…  I know!  Sculpey Clay!
I go get it and proceed to making a fairy door. In ONE HOUR. I have STILL got it.  I should be teaching classes!
It is SO full of awesomeness!
I need to fire it, and get pictures of it (no camera *sigh*)
But it’s going in the etsy shop

Now onto making other stuff!

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