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Tiny Doors

January 7, 2009

Ok, I have borrowed  a friends camera. Only, I really stink at taking pictures. BOTH of my grandfathers were photographers professionally and by hobby, and my sister is awesomeness as well. I just, well, I just stink. But hey, my artistic stuff goes elsewhere. So out of about 20 photos that I took, only one turned out even SLIGHTLY  good. The rest were so blurry, they hurt my eyes to look at. So I’m going to take the stuff outside in a bit and take pictures of the cuteness I’ve made lately. But here’s a teaser k?

Yes, that’s a penny, this is the 2nd door I made. See how tiny it is? I’m in the first stage of painting it, with the black laid down so it looks more detailed when I get the brown, brass and stone colors on.

The kids and I have decided that the door is for PennyMen. (if you click that, it’s a link to the story about Pennymen by Charles de Lint (fave author) on Google book search beta)

It’s raining like the dickens here today, so my plan of cutting the pallets to make my raised gardens can’t go into effect until later this afternoon when it ceases to rain! However planting is either going to need to start soon (within a few weeks) if the weather continues it’s weirdness (I’m in a tanktop at the moment) or Winter is going to turn vicious and I won’t be planting until March. Either way. The garden beds NEED to get up. Last years garden was practically eaten by the weeds and though we got a pretty decent harvest. Decent isn’t enough!

Also, the neighbor lady across the street said I could use her metal fence posts until April when she’s going to need them. So a nice temporary fence is going to go up in a few days. I found some chicken wire being thrown away on the side of the road the other day, just a very small amount. But perfect for a potato bed. You make the chicken wire a circle and clip it together, use mulch, typically straw along the bottom. Put your potato pieces in, and then cover, as they vines grow up, cover them with more straw and your potatoes go up up up and stay clean and easy to retrieve!

I made massive quanties of food yesterday, a looooong loaf of bread since we’ve got everyone here now (all 8 of us!) and make enchilada’s with half the mix going in the freezer for later use.

Anyways, my coffee has been drunk and it’s time for me to go be productive! May your day be productive too!

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