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Flexor carpi radialis

January 26, 2009

I never really thought about how hard it must be to live with one arm before. I’m not dealing with having to recover a lost sense of balance due to not having an arm anymore. But I am dealing with a loss of function.

I’ve figured out what happened to my arm, ok, well not HOW it happened, but what was done to it’s interior. I’m pretty sure that I’ve snapped my Flexor carpi radialis muscle.
When I’m palpitating my wrist the other muscles stand out. But this one is slack. My dad made the same injury a few years ago. But luckily his was caught fairly early and his muscle density was so thick that regardless of the fact that it wasn’t caught for 5 days he was able to have reattachment surgery. The pain is starting to recede and doesn’t hurt as much in normal use, just over use (which is a different definition than normal right now, believe me LOL) However, I do not have medical insurance, it’s been at least a week, and while I’ve got pretty great muscles, they aren’t anything near my fathers Popeye like arms. So no surgery for me. And my arm strength is going to be limited now pretty much for the rest of my life unless something miraculous happens. So kind of sucky. But I’m stronger than your normal average woman, and stronger than a lot of men even. So some arm strength lost isn’t that big of a deal. Just waiting for the ache to recede fully is the most annoying part now. I’m not a good patient LOL.

So in the meantime, I haven’t been as ‘useful’ (according to that Jiminy Cricket hanging out in the conscience part of my brain room LOL) as normal. I’ve been able to get about 1 load of laundry a day done (and with 8 people, it’s a dent ok?) The house is definitely getting dirty (despite cracking the metaphorical whip on some kids), I’ve gotten almost no sewing done, the wood burner has been put down, the sculpey clay has been put down, I’ve cleared no more weeds out of the garden, and I’m pretty useless for reading (my left hand holds the book).
What *have* I gotten done in the past week and a half or so you wonder?
Well, I figured out how to make some really good taquitos, my own recipe for refried beans (fat free and vegan) and the Mexican rice you find so often at restaurants that my kids love so much.

What you want the recipe? Well, ok… Lets do that in a couple of different posts ok? Keep it cleaner for my record purposes LOL AND give me time to recover from all this typing.

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