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Going Green when I’m Ill

January 28, 2009

A few weeks ago, a blog I read asked for people who thought that they could be weekly or monthly contributors to write in and they’d pick one or two people from the masses. I got picked! This is a non-paying gig with maybe payments in the future, but that’s not really why I wanted to do it.
I wanted to write for this particular blog because it helps educate. Sometimes it’s fluffy, some it’s just straight talk, and sometimes in some pretty serious ways. But through it all, it teaches and makes you think about your world in a different way. Perfect!
One of those things I want to do with myself is teach things I know. I can pass stuff on all day to my kids being as I homeschool. My daughter is turning into a really wonderful artist, with her own style emerging, and she credits me with that and wishes I taught at her high school. I love teaching, but I don’t love the politics and rules that come with it. I’ve never been very good with people in positions of authority over me. So something like this. Where I just write a blog about something I believe strongly in… I think it’s a good thing.
So if you guys would like to go check it out. I’ll be posting once a week. They also do giveaways LOL

5 Minutes 4 Going Green

I’ve been pretty ill the past couple of days. Fever in the 104’s when it’s not being smacked down with drugs, wracking stabbing pains all through my body and my throat is so sore I’m not talking much. Just swallowing hurts pretty badly. I’ve checked, it’s not strep thank goodness. Just your random flu. But I’m still all goofy, in pain etc.

Also, I have to say this. my Ex-husband was HORRIBLE at taking care of me when I was sick. He’d leave me alone for hours. At one point I was so sick with strep my temp was 106 (and my normal temp is 96.8 – honestly) I was so cold I was shuddering under 3 blankets. Even my hair hurt. I had to whistle for him because I had no voice after he left me and didn’t come back for almost 6 hours. I’d bring him tea, cook him soup special (and did when he had the same sickness) come cuddle him, make sure he was comfy. It hurt, so badly, to know that I could be put out of his mind that cleanly. If I know someone I love is suffering I suffer too. I want to ease whatever I can for them and end up being a ‘nurse’ and pampering them until they are better.

My Honey, well he brought me hot coffee, made me hot tea, cooked me food he knew I could eat with my throat like this (with no ideas from me, 3 times now!) helped me in and out of bed/couch/chairs. Remembered when the last time I took meds was so he could be there with a cup, a loooong straw and my meds so I didn’t even need to get uncovered. He ran a shower for me, washed my hair. And the whole time I felt so ill I didn’t even feel dorky. It comes down to when someone you love is that miserable, you do what you can to help them. So even in the midst of wanting to just pass out so I didn’t feel anymore I basked in my Honeys deep love for me. That’s a pretty awesome feeling.
So today I’m able to move around somewhat. I’m still in a lot of pain and not talking if I don’t have too, and I’m probably going to be going back to bed soon, cuddle under my quilts with the Terry Brooks book I’m reading and then let sleep overtake me at some point. But I wanted to get this down, both the writing and about Honey, both of them are things to pull out of the memory album and look at again and again.

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