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In which my Geek Status is Injured

February 10, 2009

I have been helping out my across the street neighbor for a while. Because I showed her kindness when she was having trouble with Code Enforcement here in town, and spent 2 days seriously slogging through nasty rotten books, many trips to the dump and complete body exhaustion (not to mention messing with my asthma badly) when her own 3 sons could barely be bothered to show up… Well, she considers me a friend, and I consider her one as well.

Miss Jean was a schoolteacher for a long time. She says she just can’t do it anymore because the new methods of teaching children she considers, well… she puts a funnel to her ear and mime’s pouring things in. I agree to some extent. I think there have been a lot of strides in teaching methods since the 70s and 80’s when I got my elementary education in. But I also think that education has been dumbed down considerably. I remember my social studies books and history books. They aren’t ANYTHING like what children get now. Now they seem like they are mostly pictures, hardly any ‘big’ words. And the words that ARE difficult are usually things like ‘germination’ or something that they really can’t get rid of.

Anyways. So these past couple of days she’s given me a massive amount of homeschooling stuff. Thousands of dollars worth of homeschooling stuff. I’m so very lucky that when I was really feeling the need to get more curriculum, and branch out into newer materials, I was literally handed them! Including puzzles, wall hangers, cd-roms, poster board, books, teachers guides.

I was also given about 12 sheets of aluminum roofing ranging from 10 ft to 1 foot in length, plus chicken wire. So I won’t need to buy materials to make a chicken tractor. I’m just going to have to invent a blueprint for one, since I can’t find even one to buy for 10-12 chickens, let alone a free one. Just very expensive to build (almost 200 dollars) blueprints for 5-6 chickens, and people telling me it can’t be done light enough to be a ‘tractor’ for 10-12 chickens (whatever, *rolls eyes*)
Anyways, amongst all the other free things that Miss Jean gave me over the last few days, the last item to gave to me was a computer tower. She told me that she’d paid for it, and that she wanted Windows 2000 on it, but the guy loaded something that had a sword instead. I was curious, I’ll admit. I figured that even if it had a teeny little hard drive, at least the kids could use it for homeschooling right?

So I plug it in when I get home and what pops up?
Slax Kill Bill Edition
hahahahahahaha, what kinda of Joker gives an oldChristian school teacher lady this? I giggle.
I’ll admit now, I’ve never used Linux, I’ve never even seen it used. I poked around at it a bit, and since it has a GASP hard disk drive, I inserted a couple left over from our days of Gateways (I’ve embarrassed myself even more haven’t I?) and Morgan’s homeschooling. I found her plant journal from when she was 7. It was sooo cute. She was whining about how much hard work she’d put in (this is 11 days into planting things) and NOTHING had grown yet. She was SO MAD, she wrote! heheheheh.

I also found the Valentines card she made me in paint LOL. It also opened some old word documents. But I can’t figure out if I can load cd-roms on it.
Any of you reading run linux? be kind enough to give me some pointers? Can I load homeschooling programs meant for Windows or Mac on this computer? I’ll probably go study this some more (I’m good at that LOL) but my brain is quite full enough for the day…

I’m exhausted with the amount of work I’ve been doing lately (canning, new unit in homeschooling, tilling ground for spring, planting starter seeds, helping Miss Jean and another friend, Kaia’s teething badly and is CRABBY and MEAN, Honey is sick again, massive amounts of laundry from when I was sick, I can’t believe I’m still catching up!! Plus my dog is doing some fairly awful gastrointestinal things lately)

Oh, and Ian, my 9 year old, cooked dinner for the first time tonight! Beef Stew, and it was well loved by all. Kaia had THIRDS!

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