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My Amusing Child

March 7, 2009


I’m so busy around here, tilling, building, planting, feeding, washing, guiding homeschoolers and helping that I don’t have much time after the sun comes up to do anything that requires some serious brainpower. When the sun goes down? Forget it! My brain is exhausted!

So todays post is brought to you by
5 Minutes For Parentings – A Daily Dose of Humor

I’ve got a few this week. Most of them involving my oldest son Ian. Ian’s my little smart alec. Ian’s the one who learned to read because of Calvin and Hobbes. Ian’s the one who HAS a stuffed Hobbes that goes everywhere with him. Ian’s the one my ex husband wanted to name Calvin (can you imagine!?)

Here’s Ian a few years back, showing his TRUE colors:

So anyways.

Story 1.

Ian and Wulf are taking a door down in the laundry room. Ian is acting like holding the door is just a WHOLE lotta work

he starts praying ‘Oh Odin! Please take me away from this and keep me safe!’ he says.

Wulf Laughs and says ‘Dude, I think you’re praying to the wrong God, try Thor, he’s the Working Man’s God.’

Ian promptly falls to his knees, cringing with his arms over his head, looking fearfully at the ceiling, then door, then ceiling then door, as if they are going to cave in on him any moment for his jokey mistake. Wulf pretends to kick him out the door in case his mistake DOES actually lead to a fallen roof LOL.

Story 2.

I’m outside, doing something on the bed of the truck, which is facing the street. Ian’s playing in the yard nearby. A car drives by. Ian sidles up to me and mutters, ‘that guy was checking you out.’ in this Disgusted Voice. I tell him that yeah, that happens sometimes. He replies, ‘Well, I think I’ll just stand here for a while and hang out with you.’ He spent the entire time, glaring at every man that drove by.’

So cute.

The Third, the third I’m going to have to scan. He’s turned this insect and plant unit we are doing in an Arthur Spiderwick thing. He dreams up or finds bugs and then modifies them into Fey creatures. They are a total hoot. You should see his Dung Sprite.

Little boys are SO funny.

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  1. March 8, 2009 5:58 pm

    I just saw your post on a list we both populate and then clicked on your blog — why do we not hang out more? You and your family greatly entertain me and enjoy reading about you.

    Do make sure Ian watches out for Thor even if Odin is trickier!

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