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Life Around Here

March 17, 2009

We finally got our new digital camera YAY!

I’d forgotten just how much I love chronicling my life in pictures.

As an example. He’s the other day March 8th. Yeah, I spend a lot of time with Kaia, can you tell?

First, Sammi hangs with Kaia while she’s diggin to make sure she’s safe


Then Kaia decides she needs a hard hat for while she’s digging.


Then Kaia checks out the chicks, we’ve got them hanging out in the dog crate so the hens can get used to them without pecking them to death when we introduce them.


This is when the hen started letting us know just HOW hard she was working


and Ian cleaned out the chick house while they hung out in front of the hens.


Sammi likes the chicks too. This could be bad. We’re going to have to watch her!


Behold the power of Egg!


I talk Ian into stirring up the green pool for us so the filter can start working so we can swim in a few weeks LOL


You see just how tiny that egg really is? Kaia ate these two for snack this morning, and the fresh egg had a MUCH darker yolk! Yummy vitamins!


Then Kaia fell and was all sorts of pissed and had to stomp over and whine and mutter and holler all about it to me in her baby talk. I asked her if she wanted snack. NACK! she yells and we head inside. Note the shirt ‘I don’t go looking for trouble, it just finds me’ we got that from  


Danyca had her friend Teagan visiting so all the kids were given a treat of ice cream sandwiches. Kaia’s first ice cream! Can you tell she liked it??


Then there was DS playing, and dancing and tromping people while Kaia recovered in her diaper from the disgusting mess she made of snack.


Kaia was given a new pretty shirt to wear and she says YAY!


So yeah, we sold the 4 roosters, and finally our hens are laying eggs. The chicks are now living with the hens (and the hens aren’t trying to kill them). Honey and I are almost done with the chicken tractor (it keeps RAINING) so the chickens can finish clearing out the garden area’s for us. I’ve got my potatoes, spinach, cabbage, flax seed, amaranth, onions and garlic in. Tomato and bell pepper seedlings are in. Pumpkin seeds are planted (thanks to the kids who snuck smashed a pumpkin in the front garden bed and I now have a bazillion baby pumpkins coming up)
Today honey is going to go apply for unemployment and I’m going to go buy a few groceries, including stuff to make corned beef and cabbage. The kids are watching Invader Zim at the moment.

So pictures, groceries, St. Patricks day… And my birthday is soon!
Owyn’s was last week. We are going to share a birthday PARTAY! in April (as it’s the only weekend we have free for it) he’s having a pirate party, I’m having a ‘donate to Mer’s tattoo fund’ partay. I’m hoping to get enough to get this:
AWI063 on my right shoulder/arm.
I’ve had a lot of problems over the years with the money saved for tattoo money going elsewhere, and this is a tattoo I promised I’d get almost 10 years ago. It’s beyond time.
Anyways, it’s time to prepare for my day. I need to go walk to the dog and feed the chickens, then shower and wear ‘going out’ clothes to head to the big town nearby.

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