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March 26, 2009


We’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn around here lately. Because of what happened to Ms. Jean (see previous posts) We’ve been super vigilant about making sure that not only is our garden, chicken coop, kid toys etc functional and easy to get to. But now they need to be attractive as well.

When you are working on a VERY small budget, well it becomes apparent it’s a good thing I have that artists brain. I have that knack of being able to take ugly scraps (pallets, paint and leftover wood) and make them into something attractive. It’s also good that when we were helping Ms. Jean, she gave us a LOT of building materials that she had planned to use for herself, but now, because she was .2 of an acre from being able to have chickens and a garden… Well they were worthless to her, they were things in her yard that were going to get her in trouble with the city since they were being so weird about her yard. They needed to go, and she wanted them to go someplace where they would be used and to people who had shown her kindness when she was in need and despairing.
So we have her chickens, her chicken coop and chick box, we have her chicken wire, her garden fence, her garden stakes, lots of scrap wood and aluminum roofing, cinder blocks, bricks etc.. We have a large trash can that holds the chicken food. (which she keeps buying even though she’s refusing to take eggs even though they are HER chickens)
Anyways, we followed honor and helped a worthy neighbor in her time of need. We did it because honor said too, not out of any idea that she was going to start showering us with gifts.
Then she started showering us with gifts, tents, building scraps, chickens, herbs, seeds, lots and lots of homeschooling items (I had to start getting seriously picky about what I took and I still ended up with 5 boxes worth that I have no place to put as of yet)

So with these gifts from Ms. Jean, we’ve built a chicken tractor with only buying 1 2×4 and 4 10ft pvc pipes (at cost from honeys old work).
Today, with those gifts, we are going to put up a garden fence, we are going to put up a partial yard fence (she gave us 25 metal fence posts as well). We are going to try to rototill more of her yard, because we can rototill ours as a thanks (instead of doing it by hand with the push tiller)

We are getting more chicks this weekend (Americauna’s) we have Ms. Jean’s Rhode Island Red’s and Dominques. Next time we go down to Gainesville to visit friends, one friends Uncle raises rabbits and they’ve gotten out of hand bad enough that he’s let them loose on his 100 acres (I know, I know) but he’s offered us a doe and buck, plus 3 hutches, so more meat for us.

sammyplaying (this is Sammi as a 45lb puppy) We are also starting more intensive training for our dog, who is part Belgian Malinois and part Great Dane. She’s bored, and thinking to much, which gets her into trouble, so she needs more to do. We are going to start training her in Search and Rescue techniques, and also some Guardian techniques since both will suit her personality and body type well (she’s a little over 100 lbs and looks like Scooby Doo.

Also on the list today (and cooking while I eat my breakfast after the morning chores – and while I type this) is to go spray our yard, and Ms. Jean’s yard for weeds. I use something my mom taught me. In many old books, they talk about ‘salting the earth’ when they did salt it, it kept anything from growing for a couple of years. In Florida, we’d use it on base to spray in the cracks of the sidewalk so as not to get written up and kicked off base, but here we use it around the perimeter, around the bushes where the air potatoes, honeysuckles and grapevine all get out of control (and we have no weedeater) and around Ms. Jean’s fenceline and house because she can not weild a weedeater and her son’s do it VERY infrequently.

So todays chores:
Finish Chicken Tractor

Get as much fence up as possible

Mow Lawn

(all of these require going down the street and getting tools and mower back from a former friend who has gone Jehovah’s Witness and has decided we are all Devil Spawn, never mind all the help and friendship he’s received from our group over the last few years, and it’s also going to require quoting some bible at him, including ‘Judge Not, less ye be judged’ and ‘Though shalt not steal’)

Rototill some more – including our yard if possible

Clean Chick House and Chick Feeders very thouroughly

Spray salt water here and at Ms. Jean’s house

Get flower bed partition up and take 4×4’s to back yard that were former flower bed partition

Plant some flowers at Ms. Jean’s

Finish up built-in fire-pit

I’m going to be sun-burnt and exhausted by the end of the day, but it’s worth it to see so VERY much working.

Tomorrows list – getting 3 inch bean plants in the ground and on the garden fence that needs to finish getting up…

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