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This Post Brought to you by: HAM

March 29, 2009


Ham was on sale for 1.00lb at my local Harveys. So 8 bucks worth of ham on the bone will make at LEAST 2 meals for us, plus leftovers and probably enough lunch for the 3 children that stay at home.
I have a particular recipe that the family HOORAYS! over when I bring a ham home.
Want it?
Well, um, it doesn’t have a name yet, well, it does, but it’s pretty unweildy, and not very tasty sounding, any ideas on names, feel free to comment LOL

You will need:
1 large (at least 8lbs) ham on bone
large pot
2-3 lbs of cheese cut into small pieces (your choice, we like colbyjack, muenster and swiss in ours)
5lbs of potatoes
2 bunches of broccoli OR large bag of frozen broccoli
1 bunch of cauliflower
3-4 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper to taste
1 onion
instant mashed potatoes

Day 1: Place ham in large pot, just barely cover it with water (I put mine in, in the morning) and let it simmer for HOURS, ok, until the next morning.. If you’ve got a large crockpot, well then there you go. Put it on high and don’t start adding things until the next day.

Day 2: Take all 5 lbs of the potatoes and cut them in half, adding them to the ham and water. Start fishing out skin and bone from the ham. Small chunks of fat are A-Ok.
After a couple of hours, add in the garlic and onion, continue to let simmer.
About an hour before dinner, add in the broccoli and cauliflower and season to taste with salt, pepper (I usually add some garlic power and basil) Put on medium heat.
About 15 min before your regular dinner time, add in the cheese and stir up well.
By this time the ham should be in large strips. The broccoli and cauliflower should be well cooked, and the potatoes should be almost a memory. With just small pieces hanging around for the surprise texture. The cheese will add a smooth texture to the mix, and if it’s a little watery, add some instant mashed potatoes until it’s a good thick soup texture.
Place in bowls, let cool and chow down!

(it’s what’s for dinner tonight and the kids currently at other parent’s houses are crabby about missing it LOL!)

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