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New Chicks!

April 2, 2009

We bought 10 chicks on Saturday from a lady about an hour away. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for them to hatch and get old enough for their old mama to let them out of her nest and into ours LOL.

Old Mama asked me if I wanted all hens or if I wanted some roosters too. I said I’d be ok with 1-3 roosters. Well she did me one better. She gave me 8 Wheaten Silver Amerecauna’s, who are going to grow up to look similiar to this:


She also gave me 2 cute fuzzy little blonde chicks

img_0596 (well

here’s one of them)

Which are going to grow up into White Amerecauna’s she says, looking similar to this:


What’s awesome, is ONE of the Silvers is a Roo, and ONE of the Whites is a ROO! pefect. So I’ve got one roo for each of the breeds I have.

Neato huh?

Right now, they are about 2 weeks old and SO cute. However, cute fluffy chicks grow up into really stupid hens and roosters. So we are enjoying it while we can LOL. Want to see some pictures of enjoyment? Oh SURE you do!

img_0613Ian, with his chick ‘Hedwig’ (who turned out to be a Rooster LOL) on their way down to meet their dad so he could have them for ‘Spring Break’ we picked up the chicks. I didn’t want to have them for over a week before the boys saw them for the first time. So they were really enjoying the small bit of time they had with them.

img_0594This chick REALLY enjoyed being held in the hat. In fact, she PEEPED quite loudly when taken out. The hat apparently made her feel safe.



No, it didn’t poop on his head, and yes, it was all his idea. Crazy guy.

In other news. We are under pretty severe flood warnings. Our house is built a couple of feet up off the ground, and I drive a pretty heavy duty truck. So we are safe. However, the girls are home today (and yesterday as well) due to closed schools because of flooding. And our Local Paper is calling for local residents to ‘pack a go-bag’ (ha, ours has been packed for years, and gets updated every 4 months or so as Kaia grows)

The pool is overflowing, the dog hates going pee in the rain. My potatoe plants LOVE the rain and have grown darn near a foot in 3 days and I’m going to have to go out in the rain to hill them up more (fun LOL) The chicks are living inside until I can be sure that their cord for the warm light isn’t going to get wet.  They are safe from the dog. But NOT safe from the cat, so they stay inside until they can be safe in their chick house. Stinky or not…

Oh and my daughter gave me THIS for my birthday Tues. It’s hanging on the wall next to my signed Clive Barker my sister got me for Christmas. Mo’s VERY proud  that she was given a space of honor LOL!

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