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April 4, 2009

So it’s been raining here. We’ve had neighbors living here 25+ years saying they’ve never seen it this bad.

Thursday night Morgan and I drove around and videotaped the area. We took some pictures around the yard. Before bed, I checked on the chickens, they were digging down into the mud, and I threw in two large rubbermaid boxes of pine needles to help absorb whatever rain may come in. Our yard was barely puddling up, but most of our neighbors had large large puddles.

Friday morning I woke up, went to go feed the chickens, and found them in about 6 inches of water. Soaking wet, shivering, and one chicken drowned. I ran in, got my honey and we started transferring them to their Chicken tractor (it was sunny by this point) Their chicken tractor has busted in a couple of spots (we need 4 inch screws rathern that 2.5 in) but it was in a LOT better shape then their coop. So they spent the rest of yesterday in their tractor, soaking up the sun and eating grass (and they are over the spot were we are expanding the garden into)

here’s pictures:
Thursday Evening – All 5 Dominiques and 3 RIR 2 month olds

And the aftermath:



I’ll post the video’s later after I get them uploaded on youtube…

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