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Weekly Menu and Saving Money

April 27, 2009

Egads! I’m horrible about posting these!!

First, Let me point you at a few places….And these are not all geared towards the Gluten Free… However, my recipes are…


tells you weekly what all the Buy One Get One sales are. Mine are normally at Publix, with only a couple on Wednesdays at Harveys. However, BOGOfetcher doesn’t send the emails out until Thursday. So, if your local store like mine, does theirs on a specific day. I’d check their website. For instance, this Wed. My Harvey’s had a BOGO on red potatoes, 3.99.  Of course they all went into mashed potatoes and then the next day into potato salad, so they were gone in 2 days LOL, but they were awesome while they lasted.

Another place to get ideas:   A blog called 5DollarDinners.   This is kind of self explanatory.  heh. She talks about how she’s bought the sales, often with coupons as well, and what she makes out of them very cheaply. She’s only got 4 in her family versus my 6-9 depending on whether all the kids are here or not (We’ve added a Katy to the family) So a 5 dollar dinner that would feed all of us is truly an accomplishment. Usually they are around 8 to 10 dollars.

DealSeekingMom – another blog that is also self explanatory. She and a hoard of other deal seekers post their local prices, coupons etc. For instance, today I was alerted that KFC is unveiling their new grilled chicken and for today only they are giving away a piece FREE to any ol’ person who walks in! Hey, free bit o’ lunch if I’ve got to drive to town today!

So onto the menu. We were going to have Thai Chicken Soup today for dinner,  Only I totally spaced putting it AWAY after I made it (my kids came back from Florida so I was distracted) and I woke up this morning to find it on the stove *sigh*

Luckily it was just 1/4 of a bag of garbonzo beans (about 20 cents) Left over chicken bones, skin and drippings, simmered into soup, frozen, so really, I’d already used the chicken, so we’ll call it free. One head of cabbage – 38 cents and half a bottle of Thai sweet chili sauce (1.50) So all in all, it was a mistake that cost me a little over 2 bucks and a couple of hours in time. But I haven’t been feeling all that well lately and weirdly enough, that sweet chili sauce has been settling my stomach… Plus I just HATE wasting food.

So anyways. Now I have to come up with other things to eat…

Some of the things on sale this week include pork picnic roast at 99 cents a lb, I’ve already mentioned the BOGO potatoes, plus frozen broccoli, sausage and BOGO salad.

I’m seeing…

1. Bangers and Mash (mashed potatoes with sausages and gravy – comfort food from my childhood and Welsh Grams) I’ll post that recipe Tuesday, since my grandmothers seems to be ‘not normal’ LOL

2. Grilled Smoked Sausage plus grilled squash, and baked potatoes

3. Chicken soup with Rice (whole fryers are on sale) (all 9 of us will be here for this dinner and the other 2 are PICKY)

4. Salad with bacon vinagrette (since the salad’s that are on sale also include various other veggies) I’ll probably add some kidney beans from my pantry for extra protein.

5. Taquitos (baked, not fried) mexican rice (with pollo y tomate and cumin) and refried beans (from the freezer, homemade)

6. It’s Ian’s birthday and he’s requested Shepards Pie (basically a thick beef stew with a crust) and ‘pumpkin juice’ (it’s my honeys’ birthday as well and he says he looooves my Shepards Pie, so that will do)

7. Oldest Daughters birthday, she’s at school, so I’ll ask later today.

Looking at all this, besides the two birthday dinners, for which we have a ‘free rein’ type thing. Most dinners are going to cost about 8 dollars for all of us. Not bad huh?

Oh and I’ve got to recreate these two cakes for my children’s birthdays.  LOL

mandrake cake

mandrake cake

We are figuring, mini terra cotta pots, ice cream innards, oreo toppings, and some sort of gooey candy for the mandrakes, maybe tootsie rolls, maybe that stuff that I can’t remember the name of now, or maybe some fondant to sculpt..

The 2nd cake is for my 14 yo.

Potter Puppet Pals Cake

Potter Puppet Pals Cake

Puppet Pals were invented by Neil Cicierega, see here
(so of course, I’m putting Wizard Swears on the Cake LOL her favorite is Voldemorts Nipples)

Of course, as a mother, I think they are REALLY dumb. However, he also does stuff like this next one, which I think is hilarious and very catchy (just see me grocery shopping when I run across Hamburger Helper)

Then, there is the teenage answer to this video that my birthday girl made with a Katy and a Noelle

Ok, on that note, it’s time to head to the grocery store!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 27, 2009 1:55 pm

    Thanks for the mention. The cakes are awesome!

  2. May 18, 2009 8:37 am

    Love! Thanks for sharing this. The websites you listed here are all new to me so I can go explore!

  3. Cam permalink
    November 22, 2009 11:47 am

    I want them I want them I NEED those cakes for my birthday Party!

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