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Week In One Post

May 7, 2009

My brain is super fragmented since our coffeepot has gone to that great big Electrical Summerlands in the Sky. Luckily, we go camping often enough that our camping gear is easily accessible, so our camp coffeepot is on the stove. However, it’s fairly small. So only one cup a piece. I’m SO asking my dad for a bigger one come Christmas time (he owns a chuckwagon bbq place and cooks pioneer style for a living LOL)

Anyways, in bulleted form, I present you with…

My Week!

  • Katy, our 19 year old boarder, is in the hospital with viral pneumonia and has been since Sunday. She’s got pretty vicious athsma so doc says she can’t leave until her white blood cell count drops to around 10.
  • My honey’s sister and her 3 yo twins visited this last week. PLUS we had my stepdaughters all weekend, all of my children AND 2 extra boys on Friday. My eyeballs were twitching by Saturday then add in a sick Katy and I was in sore need of a good shot of something Sunday Evening.
  • Instead, I went over to a friends, sat around in a bikini and tanned while our two older lady friends took over the 2 foot deep 10 foot wide pool and sipped pomegrate juice with a ginger ale spritzer in a REAL GLASS glass and talked with 4 good lady friends while our children ran around like the little Heathens they are and my friends husband cooked us dinner on the grill!
  • 4 out of the 5 Dominique Chickens we have are roosters *sigh*. I’ve got 3 of them for sale (5 bucks each if you want em)
  • I’ve got more planted in my garden, I’ve harvested some potatoes (the vines died down) and they are currently put up for Autumn planting since they are WAY to small for eating. But oh, so CUTE.
  • The big chickens, in the big chicken tractor, have cleared a space big enough for a small squash garden. Unfortunately. Every Single Seed I planted for squash has sprouted and is doing Wonderfully. So I need an area 3 times as large as what I’d planned for LOL! Moving the chicken tractor today, and planting the squashes that absolutely MUST go in the ground soon.
  • Moved the Chick Coop to a better spot, which means my garden box for the tomatoes and bell peppers is open to the yard once again without having to walk behind it. Under the chick box, I found two watermelon plants! So they are already in the squash section LOL
  • My pool is finally SEE-THROUGH! yay!
  • The pond dried up but for a bit of wet mud at the bottom. I think we are going to have to dig a bit deeper, then line it *sigh* More work.
  • My mom and sister are going to be visiting in August. So Honey and I are trying very hard now to get the looooooooong list of house-fix-it stuff done. Things like plastering and sanding walls, texturing walls, painting walls, painting the front porch, tiling bathroom floor. Making curtains, sanding kitchen cabinets, putting in a new sink base cabinet in the kitchen. The list goes on and on and on…

Anyways, it is time for me to go plant and water things before it gets to hot to breathe outside. So off I go to slather on my friend Holly’s Homemade Bug-Be-Gone and get some work done while I smell lovely LOL

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