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Pumpkins, Chickens and Puppies

May 14, 2009

In Garden News
I found a bazillion pumpkin plants where Morgan had dumped her rotten pumpkin last year, so I planted them all yesterday.  Seriously, about 45 plants! Almost all the amaranth is in. I found that they were doing well transplanted unless I waited for them to be a couple inches tall with at least 5 leaves. Some of my potatoes are dying down (got too hot, too soon) and I’ve dug them up (sooo cute with their teeny red and blue selves) they are about the size of the tip of my thumb and they are going in a bag in the fridge, which isn’t cold enough to hurt them. (and where I kept them last year). All the Cherokee Tomatoes are big enough and got transplanted yesterday, along with the bell pepper that overwintered (weird) and is flowered out already. A couple of hot pepper plants and the ONE Cal Wonder seed that I’ve had for 2 years that sprouted. Cherry tomatoes are going to go in in a couple of days. Black Turtle beans are up and doing fine.
Working on the squash bed, is hot dry, painful work. Really, I need a rototiller, but by the time the rototiller gets picked up, dropped off, and I induce my honey to use it (he can’t be in the sun much or he burns in about 15 min even with sunscreen right now) I’ve already gotten the garden dug by hand. Plus I’m getting fatter, so the exercise is greatly needed. My hands are killing me though. I think I’m going to make the kids start pulling weeds. Problem is, the bed is in a spot with the centipede grass which you’ve REALLY got to work to get out.

In Kaia News
Miss Kaia has figured out the difference between dvd’s and videos. This didn’t occur to me until I was diggin in the garden this morning. We have a dvd/video player in our room, and dvd only in the living room. Kaia ONLY asks for dvd’s in the living room. If she grabs a video, she drags it to our bedroom.
She also said her first 3 word phrase the other day (probably about 2 weeks ago) she was nursing a bit and popped off and said “I got milk!”.
She’s figured out the difference between I, you, me, and us.
Honey is teaching her Norwegian now along with the signs. He’s using the signs to integrate the learning of the new language so it’s easier for her to understand that *sign* ~thanks~, word thanks and word takka are all the same. Honey is working on learning Norwegian in the words that Kaia uses most (like eat, cookie, dog, outside, up, down, bye, cup, milk, bath, you know, typical everyday kid words)
Kaia is FINALLY letting me do her hair and KEEPS it. Instead of dragging out the rubberbands within minutes of putting it up. This is good because her hair is getting pretty long. She’s also learned the joys of swimming. One of our friends has a pool that is only about a foot and a half deep. Up to Kaia’s armpits. She’s totally fearless, putting her face in the water. Jumping up and down, spinning in circles. The awesome part about all of this, is being in the water must make her feel weird to pee in it or something, because starting last Saturday, she started insisting she be taken OUT, to one of ‘her’ kids. Brian took her out, she ran a few feet away, squatted and then pee’d on the ground! She did this 3 times in a two hour period of swimming. So we’ve been putting her in training pants during the day with her toilet in the living room for fast access and she’s pee’ing in it several times a day. Accidents are happening yes. But considering she’s only 21 months old. I’m pretty excited and awed by how smart she is!

In Me News
I have an appt to get foodstamps today. We really really really need them. I’m not a big one to let the government all up in my business. But feeding my kids comes before my paranoia LOL. Morgan and I also need medical insurance. Morgan had a seziure a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure it’s not epilepsy. But something brought on because she’d fallen, was bleeding, had hurt her ribs and was embarrassed. She’s been getting very very emotional lately and has agreed that since she’s showing all the same symptoms I did at her age, she’s going to try to go gluten free as soon as schools out.
I’ve been having a lot of lower stomach pain. Before my divorce was final I have a lot of problems with my paps always coming back badly and having to go in every 4 months for a biopsy. I’m supposed to be getting paps every 3 months until they come clear because I’ve got the hpv that can lead to cervical cancer. So lower stomach pain when I’ve got no insurance and there really aren’t any options around here is worrying. I also have a history of ovarian cysts, and it feels like I’ve got one again and it’s getting ready to rupture (this will be the 3rd time I’ve gone through a rupture, so I’m familiar with the pain it’ll incapcitate me for probably a day)

In Chicken News
The 5 black and white chickens (Dominiques, called Dominekkers around here), well 4 of them turned out to be roosters. Of COURSE the only one with a male name (hahahah Voldemort) is the hen. So we sold 3 of the roosters, got 15 bucks for them, and then went and got 3 hens from a local lady (well 30 min away) we picked out the prettiest ones, they lay white eggs, and all of ours lay or will lay brown or blue/green. We get home. I open the crate and the black/white one rakes my face and arms and flies out of the crate. Damn. I’m ok, not cut or anything. But damn. So Honey and the boys go off to chase the bird. This is bad because of the tangle of forest. Lots of vicious vines with thorns. LOTS. Then  Skyla  and her son Brian(one of Kaia’s boyfriends LOL) show up.  Brian lopes off to help with the escapee, and Skyla keeps an eye on Kaia while I pull out hen number two. Only to have it do the SAME EXACT thing to me! AAAAAH! two escapees now!
Now Skyla and I decide that we will carry the stupid crate over to the chicken coop, open the door and let #3 run into her new home. Only to have her try to escape out a spot where ONE wire has busted off. She’s got everything but her legs and tail out. So we drop the crate, only to have her quickly pull her body back in the crate, and jump out the bottom of the crate (which has bigger holes, mostly covered with tin roofing).
Now we have THREE  chickens running loose in our jungle. Not good.
After about an hour and a half of everyone but Owyn and Kaia trying to capture the chickens (and that’s because we made them go inside) we’d caught two and after Skyla tried to baseball bat the 3rd one, we said fo’gettit and gave up.
It stuck around however, and the next morning, the boys caught it after about an hour of chasing.
So now all 3 are in the small tractor. No eggs so far, but we are on day 2 of them having a full day in the coop with no truck ride and no strange people attacking them and separating them from their chicken brethren. Maybe we’ll start getting eggs from them.

In other Weird News
Yesterday while I was out at the parkday for homeschoolers. Very succesful, we met a new family who’d just moved here from Germany and they were way cool, the kids liked each other and us mom’s got along, though I don’t think we’ll ever be bosom buds, it’s possible. Yay!
Anyways, Honey came outside to the garage to put some laundry in the wash, and heard puppy whimpering. He looked around and could find NO puppy, however, the whimpering was getting closer. He started making soothing noises and right next to the laundry room, from a dirty sleeping bag, crawls this little teeny puppy. So Honey gives it some water and food, puts it in a contained area, since it has pimples all over it’s belly, he wanted me to check it out. We get home, he shows me the puppy, and I’m all awwwwwwwwwwww, and the boys are all awwwwwwwwwww, and Kaia’s all DOGDOG! DOGDOG! and squeeing. (dear gogs, the squeeing). It looks to me like the puppy has puppy pimples from a reaction to fleas or maybe something that it’s been laying on.  I look it up. Dr. Google agrees with me and even shows pictures that agree with me. The shampoo recc’d for it is even something I have in the house. Awesome. So pup gets a wash, and then fits in. Wanna see pictures?
I’m pretty sure the puppy belongs to the cop down the road, they let their female dog run all over the place, bark and chase kids, pedestrians, cars, bike riders, you name it. Their daughter is a known pill popping hoochie (she propositioned Wulf while he was driving down the road and got caught taking loratabs at school) who is 14/15. So they can just suck it up. They don’t take care of their dogs anyways. A dog left in the yard and tied up in the heat is just not good ownership to me a dog tied up in the yard while she’s in heat is even worse!  Dogs are pack animals and NEED their pack. They also need to have rules and have them enforced, just like little kids or they make bad decisions and do stupid stuff like chase cars. So if they come door to door looking for their dog. Well, I’ll be honest and give the dog back. I’m that kind of person. But if they are too lazy to even look for a puppy that is so tiny it’s the size of my hand and it can’t survive on its own. Then they don’t deserve it.
See! Smaller than my hand. I think the dogs down the road are chihuahua/jack russel mix. I’m not sure how a dog of that breed with fit in here, but we will see!

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