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Death and Nightgowns

May 16, 2009

We are all worn out from grief today. The new puppy we got died in a pretty horrific way yesterday entirely by accident on the 2nd oldest girls part. She feels awful and guilty and while none of us blame her. It’s very hard looking at the spots where the puppy loved to lay. Finding ourselves watching our step for her when we don’t need to anymore. And watching our older dog Sammi, and Kaia, the baby looking and calling for the puppy. We spent a lot of time yesterday bawling, holding each other, and then trying to distract ourselves.

We had a funeral, and the kids have all drawn pictures that we are going to fold small and then place in the roots of the flowering plant we are going to plant today over her grave. We also included her favorite toy in the shoebox along with her.

Fraction was only in our lives for a very small time, and though she was a very small dog, she made a huge impression in our lives. We’d looked forward to years with her, and got only days instead. She is, and will be, missed.

The nightgowns part of my story started a couple of days ago.  Kaia’s only got 4 onsies she uses for jammies. And no pj’s in her box of stuff to grow into. What’s a mom who is really poor in money to do?

Well, I’m defintely rich in fabric! The night before last, Kaia, all out of onsies, had nothing to sleep in. So I asked her if she was ready to come change her diaper and put on a pretty dress and she ran (she LOOOOOVES pretty dresses LOL). That’s when the idea hit. Pillowcase dresses!

So I’m going to sew her one a day for probably 6-7 days.

Here’s yesterdays:

Kaia in her rose nightgown

Kaia in her rose nightgown

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