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Potter Puppet Pals Cake

May 17, 2009

I’ll just go ahead and upload all the pictures from Morgan’s cake. Sadly, one picture turned out from Ian’s mandrake fondant sculptures. They turned out pretty neat looking, but more like pissed old men than whining babies LOL. However, they sunk into the ice cream, rather than hanging around on top. So the visual wasn’t quite the same, but the kids really loved them heh

I’ll go ahead and point you at Niel Cicierega if you are wondering WHY in the heck we did a cake like this. We are big fans at this house *grins*

Then on to Morgan’s cake:

Morgan's drawing used for the pattern

Morgan's drawing used for the pattern

Morgan wanted a white cake with rainbow sprinkles. She’s very into Rainbows.. heh

After dying the fondant with decent dye, I put them in bags, or on wax paper to roll out

After rolling them out. I put the pattern pieces on them and cut them out with a very sharp, small knife


Then I started putting them all together

After putting most of it together, I cut the edge off the purple

Then my VERY FIRST time ever writing on a cake. So please don’t make fun of me LOL, it says ‘Voldemorts Nipple’

And then those pesky teenagers destroyed all my hard work


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