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Window Shopping with Kaboodle

June 20, 2009

Usually throughout my life, I’ve never been much for window shopping. I loathe going to stores, walking around, yearning for things I won’t be able to afford, ever, can’t afford now, or I *want,want,want* but it’s just beyond my price range.

To me, that’s torture, not good fun.

Then I discovered internet window shopping.

I don’t do it often, but when I do, oh boy does my OCD go into effect LOL!!

Today it’s dishes at When my ex-husband first left, I went immediately and started buying dishes, bed linens, shower curtains etc that he would have hated. I wanted to get the all black goth look out of my house and got lots of stuff that I just thought was beautiful. I didn’t have to decorate like a military wife anymore, and I didn’t need to decorate to make my ex happy either.

Pretty freeing!

However, it’s been three years. And my dishes have been dropped, shattered, chipped, lost, etc. And the cups, heh, the cups are definitely in need of replacing. So I’m window shopping. And I’m using Kaboodle.

Kaboodle is this neat widget that you can put on your toolbar (I use firefox) and when you find something you are absolutely in love with  for yourself, a loved one’s present, or just as a ‘maybe in the future’ (solar water heater and new totally cool reel mower anyone?) you click the kaboodle button on your toolbar, and a page pops up that enables you to save that object to lists. I’ve got a ton of lists, from self sufficiency items, to kids wish lists, to decor, to kitchen, to jewelry hehehe. I love kaboodle. I’ve tried a lot of different wish lists over the years, and this one is the easiest to use, best looking, and it lets you organize things, PLUS you can move things if you accidentally put them in the wrong spot. You can friend others, invite people to see your lists, so all the gramma’s and aunties can just do one click shopping for my kidlets. Fun, useful and totally non-frustrating.

And in window shopping today, I’ve discovered some things about myself. I have pretty eclectic tastes, and they’ve changed since 3 years ago when I was just discovering myself.  Would you like to see my pretties?

If you click the pictures, they’ll take you to the original page and maybe you’d like to buy them?

blue plates

crab bowl

foliage platemandala plates

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  1. June 20, 2009 1:08 pm

    I also don’t like window shopping. I just go to the mall or whatever store if I have greenies in my pocket. Anyway, interesting post here!

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