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I am a Happy Woman

June 22, 2009

It’s just now 10:30 and we have gotten so much done this morning.

  1. I have 10 loofah gourd plants planted against the fenceline, all weeds pulled along that 4-5 ft or so that they are planted, and then mulch put down to keep the weeds away for the next few months or so (and hopefully help my dirt turn into something better than the sand it is)
  2. All 12 Spaghetti Squash are planted! yay!
  3. A whole bunch of squashes have popped up in the compost I pulled out and it turns out they are all cucumbers LOL, thankfully because NONE of my cucumbers came up!
  4. I’ve weeded SO much of the garden while watering
  5. I planted the Lemon Basil with the Regular Basil and Sacred Basil.
  6. All the basil plants are mulched
  7. The banana trees are mulched
  8. The front yard is mowed, thank you Honey!
  9. The tomato plants are staked and runners picked off.
  10. Leaves from the forest picked up and used as mulch on the spaghetti squash plants.
  11. I found out that DD hasn’t been spinning the compost tumbler the other day and it’s full of maggots because she left the lid off *sigh*, so more leaves went in there, I washed off the ‘bottom’ so more air flow could get through. And then spun it thoroughly, so now it’s more well mixed and smells earthy again instead of rotting.
  12. I remembered to put up the tools when I was done!
  13. Plus, it was under 80 degrees the whole time I was working! Yay!
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