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June 25, 2009

the 90 degree 64% humidity and a cranky baby who won’t nap.

I’m sitting here at the computer listening to my youngest wail ‘Moooommmmyyyyyy!’ and ‘Pweeeeeeeese!’ So every few minutes I have to go in and tell her to lay down and go to sleep as she’s kicking the wall, or playing with her lego’s, or talking to and rocking her babies.

So I’m window shopping again.

My honey and I have had this ongoing ‘discussion’ (that means it’s not an arguement, but it’s definitely a disagreement) about the future of our bathroom. He liked my ex-husbands all black look LOL. But I’d like some style, some color, a sense of restfulness and peace. I’d like to be able to lay and relax in the bathtub and feel like vampires aren’t going to come join me in the goth club you know? Plus since the bathroom is an extension of our bedroom, I’d really like for the colors to go together. My bedroom is various colors of brown from chocolate to amber, and various colors of blue from periwinkle to cobalt. (I really like browns and blues LOL) So I’ve just been vaguely looking all over the place for things I’d like. Well, I really think I’ve found it! I’ll have to either find rugs that work, or do what I was thinking and make a bathroom rug, something like this fluffy one (neato huH?) but probably this one, I have some brown and blue scraps I’ve been savign for almost 16 years, and it’d be nice to have a place to use them where they are seen a lot.

Anyways, onto the pictures of my discoveries today. I’m really psyched about these, I do believe I will be slowly buying these pieces as money allows.



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