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American = Burger?

July 3, 2009

For me, one of the things I miss the most since my diagnosis as having Celiac Disease is hamburgers.


Where I grew up in Northern California, there was this drive-in close to my Grandpa’s tire store that sold something called ‘King Olive Burger’.


My mouth waters even now thinking about it. Sometimes I physically almost cry, because I crave them so badly. But for me, unlike most other Americans, the normal comfort ‘fast foods’ aren’t.

I can’t just order pizza out, I can’t hit my local fast food joint and get a hoagie or burger.  All of the normal fast foods require me to spend hours making pizza crust, or hamburger buns, or sandwich buns. My fast foods are quesadilla’s made on corn tortilla’s. Or lettuce roll ups.

I found out yesterday that McDonalds in Sweden offers Gluten-Free burgers. Amy was actually able to walk into a McDonald’s in Stockholm and order a burger and NOT GET SICK! I’m darn near sick with jealousy though LOL!

So today, I wrote a note to McDonalds HQ. If we could get every Celiac and those with Gluten sensitivity to write a company who already DOES offer GF products, just not here in America…. Well, maybe we can make a difference. Want to contact McDonald’s?

Here’s what I had to say. (I’m surrounded by 4 chattering children, so I’m probably not that clear, but it’ll do the job)

I wanted to contact your office with a suggestion that you introduce gluten-free burgers in America as has been done in Sweden. 1 in 100 people in America have Celiac Disease or a gluten-allergy. That is a lot of people who can not eat at your establishment. I know my family and I (4 of us have Celiac disease) ate at McDonald s at least once a week while grocery shopping. But can no longer do so after our diagnosis. We’d love to start eating at McDonald’s again and miss the memories and the food. We hope that you will follow your European fellows, and other companies such as General Mills and Betty Crocker who have all realized just how big of an impact the gluten-free market can make. Thank you for your consideration.

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