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SparkPeople and birthdays

July 16, 2009

A few things….

On loosing weight:
Somehow, I looked in the mirror and I’d gotten quite chubby for me. I’m normally overweight. Heck at my VERY thinnest – when my friends asked if I was on drugs I wavered between 125-132. I’m not only big boned, but have very heavy bones (I’ve never broken one!) and I’m quite muscular, partly from my good Pomeranian blood (yes, you heard me right, it used to be a country) and partly from years of ballet, gymnastics, basketball and football.
So I’m used to being a size 12-14 and I’m ok with that. I’ve got a little waist, a big butt, and a chest that’s large enough to balance the butt out mostly. I sag in places (hello! four babies, and 9 pregnancies!), but I never had much in the way of cellulite and I had a pleasant shape.
Not so much anymore. I look in the mirror and think *ick!*

Then I saw a blog-y friend posting about using sparkpeople. So I went and checked it out, it’s got a little thingy that I can use to input my food, if it’s not in the database, I can put it in. I can also use my fitness checker to input how much I’m excersising. It’s not just asking for push ups, jogging, walking, gym workouts and the like. I can put in pulling weeds (gardening) and how long, and it’ll calculate how many calories I’ve burned. Or the other day I painted the kitchen more, and it calculated how many calories I’d burned. So it’s pretty awesome for something FREE in my book!

On Kaia, my baby,
she’s almost 2, It’ll be July 22nd at four something in the morning that my water broke (for the first time after four kids!) She’s almost fully potty trained now amazingly enough. The first out of all my kids that not only did it before her 2nd birthday, but also basically just did it herself. She didn’t like the little toilet, and insisted upon the big toilet, and that was that! We’re still working on pulling down pants, and pulling them back up. But it’s a work in progress. I’m going to be sad to see all her old cloth diapers go onto a new home. We’ve evolved over the last 2 years into almost exclusively pockets, and I do love them. I wish I’d had them with my first!
She’s also picked up SO many words, it’s like a new word an hour! The worst of them all though is Fuck. It’s supposed to be truck.. Only…..( So amusing but embarrassing at the same time) in the grocery store parking lot, she sees a delivery truck and yells ‘I Keem Fuck!’ (Ice Cream Truck) and the whole parking lot turns to look!!  My honey  says ‘No darling, it’s a Chip Truck’ and Kaia goes ‘ooooooooh, Shit Fuck!’ (queu smacking of head and turning bright red).

I’m getting on sewing her all sorts of stuff for her birthday and her cake is inspired by this:
and this

Frogs (her favorite, she screams that word all the time and we investigate the tadpoles in the backyard every day) princess crowns, sparkles, flowers and wands. Oh yeah.
She’s almost swimming, she loves being in the pool at my friend  Skyla’s house for hours at a time, with or without water wings. She’ll float a bit, and put her face in the water and blow bubbles. Plus spinning and bouncing about LOL.  Today, while ‘helping’ me water the garden. She snuck off and got into the bell peppers (we’d found two almost ripe ones yesterday). I turned back around and she was halfway through a pepper. Held it up upon seeing me, looked REALLY cute (to get out of trouble) and said PEPPER! heheheh. Yes, I got pictures!

Tomorrow, I’m going to be posting pictures of all sorts of things I did. I’m getting good I think! However, my oldest daughter is wandering about outside with the camera at this time, so I think I’ll let her do her thing.

Oh, also tomorrow… My GF flour mix in a taste test with Pamela’s GF Bread Mix, the best bread mix for GF I’ve found so far. Who are the testers? My honey, my oldest daughter, and possibly some friends…. Tune in tomorrow LOL!!

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