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October Crafts

October 4, 2009

Todays craft is brought to you by Value Village. My 10 year old son is SERIOUSLY into Harry Potter. In fact, the only things he needs to complete his trunk to head off to Hogwarts are some potions bottles and a Nimbus 2000 as well as a trunk to put them in. He’s already borrowed my cauldron that’s from the 1800’s and made in Scotland, and my cloak (it’s even waterproof on the outside!) So when I saw this particular craft for making Beware Bottles, (near the bottom of the page) I immediately thought of Ian and his particular obsession.  Especially as I have probably 20 vintage spice bottles which will be perfect for the craft!

I’ve also got 2 extra boys today, my BFF’s sons and good friends to my sons, they’ve been staying over this weekend. So we are going to be doing this altogether, and then probably making snacks to go with em!

Remember these guys?IMG_1562

That’d be 3 of the boys and my step-daughter! Muddy little hobbits!

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