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November 11, 2009

I’m late, yes, I know….

I think I’m going to try to do these Wed to Wed as that’s the day my local grocery has it’s super sales… and Wed is the day they have Super Meat Sales. So I need to let the idea’s percolate in my brain for a couple of days LOL….

So anyways.

Wed Beef Broccoli with Rice (without the oyster sauce and add a little brown sugar and ginger)

Thurs – MeatLump and Baby Heads with butter and lemon pepper with GF noodles w/ Parmesan (this is a joke, it’s really meatloaf, and it’s really Brussels sprouts, but my kids are sick little jokers)

EDIT I got sick, so easy dinner was in the cards!

Fri -(was) Spaghetti Tacos (actually) GF pasta alfredo with skinless boneless chicken breasts and broccoli mixed in

Sat(still sick – was!) Italian Chicken with ‘fried’ garlic green beans and almond rice casserole

Actually! Honey’s Cookin so sausages with homefries in garlic all cooked together in a dutch oven

Sun – We decided to keep doing fighter practice over here for ease of putting small ones down to sleep, and the fact that we have the biggest yard and most varied kid age toys. So Italian chicken and almond rice has been moved to Sun night.

Mon ‘Thai’ Chicken Soup

Tues – Oven Fried Cube Steak with gravy, homefries and salad

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