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15 Bean Stew – GF

February 11, 2010

View of our 'backyard'

In 6th grade, my family and I lived in a tiny town of Guadalupe, CA. Near Santa Maria. We lived in a 2 bedroom mobile home on a 20K acre cattle ranch. There was an artichoke farm in the front, and endless yellow grass and scrub oak behind. There was a barn with hay, and water troughs with tadpoles. Not to mention hundreds of cows. At night, my mom would cook dinner and the coyotes would howl around our house. This was also the year my parents decided my brother was old enough for a BB gun. He took to shooting anything at first. Then settled down to just edibles. We had a lot of doves and rabbits that year. The whole area across the street from us (and the artichokes) was filled up with wild fennel. It was where the rabbits lived and they’d taken on the flavor of the fennel after eating it for so long. My brother would shoot a couple, then he’d bring them back to the house were I’d skin em. Then we’d either BBQ them with lots of sauce, or  stuff  them with garlic, parsley and more fennel seeds then put it in the smoker. Later after it was well smoked we’d turn it into 15 Rabbit Bean Stew.

1. Basically, get a hold of every bean you can find. From pinto to garbanzo to lentils. Every single one..
2. Put them in your pot, covered with at least 2 inches more water than there are beans and put em on medium for about 40 min. Then dump the water.

3. Repeat but don’t dump the water.Here’s where you add in your rabbit (cut up enough to fit in the pot) 3 bay leaves (unless they are fresh picked then 2), 1 whole onion diced and about 4 cloves of garlic and let simmer for 4 hours or so.

4. Take the rabbit out and remove flesh from bone when it’s cool enough to handle. Then cut the meat into bite size pieces and put back into the pot. Add 3 more cloves of garlic cut to your choice. Carrot bits as well if you feel like it (I always do)

Make some cornbread or some sort of heavy sourdough to go with it…. mmmmmm

This one is a big favorite around here. We don’t raise rabbits (yet) but we use smoked ham hocks for this. The smoked flavor of the meat really adds something to the beans and we prefer to cook smoked meat with the beans. The kids all jump up and down when they come home and smell this cooking LOL. My Dad does a similar one for his Chuckwagon Cookin catering (he does trail rides and parties) but it’s just pinto beans, not any others and he calls em Gossipin Beans because ‘They are friendly to your face, but talk behind your back” as my dad says.

My Mom and Dad all gussied up

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  1. February 13, 2010 8:07 pm

    I think the ham would add a great flavor to this stew. I may have to give it a try. Thanks

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