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A ‘Count Your Blessings’ Post

February 19, 2010

3 days ago I was in the pits of despair. I’d gotten bad news after bad news and felt useless, depressed and the only thing keeping me going forward was the knowledge that going forward is a good habit to have. (and that eventually I’d feel better and feel stupid/guilty for lolling about in a funk). Most of the bad news involved money woes, and also how to pay for our wedding. Which while it’s going to be massively DIY and probably would have cost under 500 dollars…. It’s still a lot of money to come up with when you have massive money woes.

That SAME day I get an email from an old friend I haven’t seen in a while. I decided that I’d just read email later and go do some outside work in the hopes sunshine would perk me up.

Then that friend pulls into my driveway and asks if I’d like to make some extra money. HECK YAH! I say.

So yesterday, today, and tomorrow for sure, I’ve been helping out her father-in-law. My friends mother-in-law Melba, just passed away from Brain Cancer. It’s been a long time coming, and even though it was expected. It always hurts, tears, and makes you simultaneously wrathful and deeply sad. That’s where FIL is at now. The day after,  he realized that he would NOT be able to stay in their bedroom anymore. But the only other room was Melba’s craft room. It needed to be emptied, like yesterday, and it needed to be cleaned, plastered and painted. But he simply could not face destroying Melba’s life’s work.  He could not pack it up and say goodbye like that and he couldn’t ask her daughters to either.

So my friend, who is a crafter and sewer supreme like I am, thought of me. He wants to GIVE THIS STUFF AWAY and then PAY ME to clean and paint, and haul it all off. So I’ve been working my butt off for him.

I ache.

But I have almost all the DIY crafty stuff I’m going to need to make our decorations for our wedding, plus my crinoline/petticoat. The patterns needed for all my daughters, plus the material and the thread and  A SERGER!!!

I have 8 garbage bags of stuff. Yes, some of it is not wedding related, in fact, probably half of it isn’t. I really thought my honey was going to be mad at me for bring more *stuff* into our already crowded house. But he got really excited looking at everything too.

So, I made money this week, a good wage even. I helped a man who needed help, and I got my wedding pretty much taken care of.

The Lesson I need to remember, is that when I’m at my lowest, I am ALWAYS taken care of. That I should never despair, my life may get low, but I never fall.

And I also want to take a moment to remember Melba. She loved to help people, it’s why I’m there and not a professional. She helped my family, and she helped women who are going to be wearing her clothing donated to the Women’s Shelter. She helped a not-for-profit Thrift Store.  I never met her, but I’m proud to be doing work in her name. Even after death, the people who loved her continue to do good in her name. That’s a good way to be remembered I think.

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