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A Review and a Rant

March 11, 2010

First, let me say: I haven’t had a pre-made donut in almost 2 years.
All those times I walk into a gas station and they’ve got fresh hot donuts. Driving past Dunkin Donuts with my mouth watering….
Well, my local Publix JUST started carrying Kinnick GF donuts and cinnamon buns. Yes, I bought one of each.
I JUST ate one of the cinnamon donuts and they were DELICIOUS. My taste buds sang. The texture was spot on, they were moist, and just the right amount of chewy/crumbly that donuts should be. I was wildly impressed.
Now for the rant: With the statement that I *really*probably* shouldn’t do this. It’s against all the ‘get those people with the advertising and such to like me’. But I think honesty is way more important that butt-kissing.
The donuts cost 6.99 per box of 6.
6.59 on the home website.
Yes. 6.99 for 6 donuts readers. It’s highway robbery in my opinion. And would you like to know the OH so expensive ingredients in this donut of gold?

Sugar, white rice flour, tapioca starch, cinnamon coating (sugar, cinnamon), water, whole eggs, sweet rice flour, palm fruit oil (non hydrogenated), fructooligosaccharide, yeast, pea protein, egg whites, xanthan gum, fruit concentrate (dextrose, dextrin, fiber), salt, rice bran extract, cellulose, KinnActive ™ Baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, pea starch, mono calcium phosphate) glucono delta lactone, sodium bicarbonate, nutmeg

CAN YOU BELIEVE RICE FLOUR COSTS THAT MUCH!! yeah right. They are ripping us poor wheat allergy/Celiac’s off!
I *truly*honestly* think that even though these companies are awesome for taking on a niche market and making actual EDIBLE food for people who don’t have the luxury of making everything from scratch. That they are also seriously taking advantage of those same people.
I can make 12 donuts that taste JUST AS GOOD as these ones with much less ingredients and for probably 2 dollars for a dozen. Maybe less. My math skills aren’t that hot.
It’s why I don’t buy pre-made products that much. Who can afford 7 dollars for 6 donuts? Do they think everyone who needs to eat their products have money trees?
So, to wrap this up. I’m really happy to be eating a donut that I didn’t make, and I’m going to stuff myself silly on them LOL. But I think I’ll just go back to cooking my own again once these are gone!
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